Insider Reveals Sony Will Acquire At least 3 Big Studios In 2023

There might be even more depending on how the deals go!

The trend of major video game publishers acquiring smaller studios has significantly increased in the past few years. Especially with the Microsoft | Activision acquisition, things have even heated up. Microsoft’s rival, Sony, has also made some notable acquisitions in the past, but none on a scale so big as to attract unwanted attention.

Regardless, a credible insider, who correctly leaked Sony’s 2021 acquisitions, has given another list, revealing what the next acquisitions might look like. Twitter user Rythian posted a tweet containing a list of 10 studios, 3 of which his sources have given him as Sony’s next acquisitions.

Since he cannot directly disclose their names due to legal issues, he can give us a list in this format and let us wonder what they might be. These names look pretty exciting, allowing for interesting future games.

Major Points

  • Sony will acquire at least 3 of the studios from the list and can potentially acquire others outside the list.
  • The insider also revealed that Sony has been talking with every studio from his list except for 1.
  • Squanch Games is also on the list, and if the acquisition goes through, we might see High on Life on the PlayStation.

In Rythian’s recent tweet, a list of 10 studios was given; according to him, at least 3 would be acquired by Sony in 2023. The list included these studious:

  1. Red Barrels
  2. Squanch Games
  3. Massive Monsters
  4. Square Enix
  5. Dennaton Games
  6. Steel Wool Games
  7. Techland
  8. Deviation Games
  9. Young Horses
  10. Polyarch Games

He later replied that his sources gave him the 3 studio names, but since he cannot directly disclose the information, he can only provide those names in a list as such. In addition, Sony will not just acquire 3 studios, as there is a high possibility of more acquisitions outside the list.

Sony is focusing on many platforms to expand its roots; according to the insider, “Sony is looking at a variety of different developers and publishers, from VR / AR to mobile to console to PC across Asia, North America, Europe, and even Africa and South America. From AAA to the smaller indie studios, a LOT are on their radar.

Though this doesn’t give us many hints, he made follow-up tweets on why some of these acquisitions might make sense. Note that all of the studios mentioned are great and have an impressive portfolio, which is why Sony is interested in acquiring them.

Red Barrels is a Canadian video game developer. They worked with Sony on Outlast, the biggest PS+ game to launch in 2014. The game is the sole reason why the series is so popular now. Since Sony is looking to venture into different platforms, an Outlast VR makes sense and would be even better for PSVR/PSVR2.

In addition, Squanch Games is also a great acquisition, as it can allow PlayStation to have High on Life to find good success even on the PS console. They have worked in the past on Accounting and Trover Saves the Universe, so they already have that chemistry together.

Though many would consider Squanch Games to be a better match with Xbox, it won’t matter much in the future if the game finds success on either console. Not to mention, High on Life is massive on Game Pass, and Sony would love to get it off their hands by acquiring the studio (something we saw with Insomniac Games).

If anyone thought this list was far-fetched, then you would be surprised to know that Sony has discussed acquisitions with all of the studios in the list except for 1 (which we don’t know). Sony can do great with any 3 from this list, but so far, we agree with the insider that Squanch Games and Red Barrel seem like great investments for Sony.

We can still be wrong because even though the acquisition seems profitable for Sony if their proposal to the studios isn’t what they want, the acquisition would be impossible. But which studios would you be most excited to see joining Sony? And why would you want them there? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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