Sony Taking Action Against Trophy Farming

PlayStation is one of the most successful video game brands, and almost every gamer in existence knows of their work. Unless you have been living under a rock, PlayStation is the gaming division of Sony. It has five consoles, two hand-helds, and many exclusive games.

There are many ways you can make yourself feel better playing games on PlayStation. One such way is the art of “Platinum Trophy Farming.” It does not serve much purpose other than giving you a sense of completion. It doesn’t enhance the gameplay or anything and only helps you feel better for playing too much.

Platinum Trophy Farming

If you are a PlayStation player, then you know the value of Platinum Trophies. If a player gets every bronze, silver, and gold trophy in a game, they will be awarded a platinum trophy. Achieving a platinum trophy helps in advancing the level most.

However, the difficulty of getting platinum trophies may not be as high as you think. Despite being arduous, it has become relatively easy due to games that help with “trophy farming.” These games are so easy that they are designed to be finished in a way that almost every person gets the platinum trophy.

Sony is facing that issue as the PlayStation Store is always filled with meaningless cheap games that serve no purpose. They are considered inferior, and everyone has criticized the store for not removing them.

One simple look at the PSN Store is enough to show that it is flooded with indie games and often meaningless games that filter out the good ones. “Press X for Platinum Trophy” might be the most prominent example out there.

Platinum Farming
Press X for Trophies on PSN.

This game is almost mocking that fact by blatantly having the name. This game was designed to call out these issues and make a change. It was ironic as the story is told through the trophy system.

Another example is The Jumping series, where the goal is to bounce different foods without gameplay. These games made it very easy to notice the issue. Press X for Platinum Trophy is now removed from the PlayStation Store. That still did not solve the issue, as the community was distraught about how these games ranked high.

Sony Solving the Issue

Luckily, Sony is looking into this and improving their PlayStation Store. The effects of which are already being noticed by the community.

PlayStation Store
Improved Results on PSN.

The better and more meaningful games are now being prioritized. It is not only a quality-of-life change but also shows that Sony is listening and improving the experience further. Sony is countering the problem, so you can now only see the best-selling games on the top.

The other indie games or “platinum farming” games are now moved to the bottom. However, the problem still exists; these games are being published and continuously added to PSN. Since they are earning money from it, it is unlikely that they will remove it. But some initiative in this problem is still better than seeing these games dominating PSN’s top results.

This is not the first time they solved a big issue; their addition of Mono Audio to PS5 also became great for some people. What are your thoughts on Sony’s solution to the problem? Do you think it lowers the quality standard as a whole, or is it good enough that they are moving them to the bottom? Let us know below, and we will get back to you!

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