Sony’s Leaked RPG IP Might Be Developed by People Can Fly

People Can Fly has a project codenamed "RED" which was also present in the leaked footage.

An early build of one of Sony’s new IPs was leaked, and it has caused quite a stir in the community. So far, very little is known about the game, it is a Sci-Fi RPG title, and the developer is currently unknown. However, an Insider has taken a deep dive into the leaked footage and revealed that the Polish studio People Can Fly might just be the developer of this game.

According to Rythian, a renowned industry insider, the bottom corner of the leaked footage has the words “RED” in it, and we know People Can Fly is working on a project codenamed “RED,” so this might be in their hands.

Still, since nothing is official yet, we can’t confirm whether this is accurate, but the implications heavily favor this conclusion.

Major Points

  • An insider has made a great analysis of who might be the developer of the recently leaked Sci-Fi RPG IP from Sony.
  • The studio has a great portfolio, further increasing our expectations for the game.
  • Since the build is 2+ years old, the game should look much better than the early build.

The recently leaked footage of Sony’s upcoming IP caused many to wonder who exactly is developing the game. Since the footage was from a very early build, we could not judge it from the gameplay. However, if the developer is known, we can expect how grand it might be based on the studio’s portfolio.

Rythian initially commented that the leaked footage is from an IP that even his sources don’t know. Therefore, even he is in the dark about who the developer might be for this game. Since Sony has many games across their many studios, it is hard to pinpoint who they might be.

Later, he said, “In regard to the PlayStation Studios’ new IP leak, Fabrik Games, the studio acquired by Firesprite Games in 2021, is working on a sci-fi horror title. The new leak states it’s an RPG and a title out of XDEV, so it can’t be Fabrik’s new game. Further, Fabrik’s game is first-person.

However, he didn’t give up on the quest and started looking at the little details in the leaked footage. Even though the quality is not ideal, we can see the words “RED” in the bottom corner of the footage. Rythian stated in another tweet that this is a huge link to the game currently under development by People Can Fly, a polish video game developer.

People Can Fly has already worked on some great games, like OutridersGears of War, and Fortnite. So, if this is in their hands, then we can expect something great from them. We also know from another leaker that this is the game he previously talked about as “Ooze” since the game’s theme has an “oozy” vibe.

He has seen much more than the leaked footage and was the person who confirmed that this is, in fact, an early build and doesn’t contain much of the “oozy” theme. Though it is unclear what that indicates, we can expect a unique Sci-Fi RPG game regardless of the developer.

That is all for today! Do you think People Can Fly is the perfect studio for a game like this? If not, what other studio would you like to see developing this game? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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