Sony’s Plans to Lead the Chinese Industry Revealed

Sony is a multinational conglomerate that needs no introductions. For us gamers, we know it for the PlayStation and other products prevalent in the gaming industry. But it seems like even after the massive success it has already amassed, Sony has other plans to expand its never-ending roots in the Chinese gaming industry,

Our team at TopTierList found an interesting tweet by user LumberjackRy, who has credible sources within the gaming sphere. According to the tweet, not only does Sony have bigger plans for its Chinese side of gaming, but it also has a big goal that might be possible considering the success of PlayStation exclusives.

Major Points

  • After the immense success of Genshin Impact, Sony has plans to bring out some exclusive titles through Chinese studios.
  • In addition to their plans for the Chinese industry, Sony wants PS5 to double PS4’s lifetime sales in China, which currently stand at 3.5m.
  • Their success has been massive enough to have other studios follow in their footsteps, but Sony always aims to reach newer heights.

Sony’s PlayStation has seen enormous success through its exclusive titles, and one of the most recent ones, God of War Ragnarok, has topped the charts since its release. Games like that are crucial to increase console sales, and with Forspoken and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 slated for a future release, their numbers are sure to increase even further.

Since Sony plans PlayStation 5 sales to double the lifetime sales of PlayStation 4 in China, it seems entirely possible after considering those factors. But that is not all; according to the insider, they want to acquire more Chinese studios, which probably won’t even make a dent in their banks.

After acquisitions, they can expand their Shanghai Studio and release further exclusives via external development. Keeping in mind what we already know, the Shanghai Studio has announced that Convallaria and Lost Soul Aside will be published by SIE. These games are from Chinese studios Loong Force and Ultizero Games, respectively. Since they are coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, the surge in console sales in China should be noticeable.

Sony has already made quite a name with Genshin Impact’s success, and that game continues to grow even more with each new patch. Having such a title in its arsenal and bringing out further titles in a specific part of the global market shows Sony’s seriousness with this expansion.

We can expect them to make these acquisitions in the future and witness how well they bring out said titles. No doubt, Sony dominates the market, and anyone who says otherwise can look at the numbers. If Sony manages to break its current ceiling, perhaps no one will ever defeat it statistically.

That is it for today! What are your thoughts on Sony’s plans? Do you think they will be successful with other titles as they have been with Genshin Impact? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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