Sony Fails Miserably With Some of Its PS VR2 Deliveries

The main thing causing this issue is the exclusive distribution.

Today marks the PlayStation VR2 release date, and just as we thought things were going well for Sony, they went ahead and made more blunders with the deliveries. Our team at TopTierList has found many users sharing their concerns over the internet, and it seems like the main issue is exclusive distribution.

In addition, whenever someone tries taking it up to their “support,” they are greeted with automated replies. The failure to fulfil the promises and the botched orders have caused a lot of frustration among gamers, and a solution to solve it seems impossible without proper support.

It wouldn’t have been a significant issue without exclusive distribution. We have seen PlayStation do something similar in a situation with DualSense Edge Controller. At that time, people weren’t getting the deliveries on time, even with express delivery.

ResetEra User Shares His PS VR2 Delivery Issue.

Major Points

  • PlayStation VR2 has just launched, and Sony is already messing up the deliveries.
  • Although some may have found a solution after hours of frustration, many still struggle to get a proper answer through automated replies.
  • It has likely made more people refrain from purchasing things on day one, especially from Sony.

Sony has yet again managed to embarrass itself and even disappointed some of its audience due to the recent fiasco. Many gamers have found issues with their deliveries, some either being botched up by Sony or being late, despite paying for faster service.

The PlayStation VR2 shipments have been underway since Monday but aren’t reaching their destination on time. We have found more and more people complaining about their deliveries getting stuck or never leaving the Netherlands, which is where Sony sends these packages from.

One user wrote on ResetEra, “So to get straight to the point, does anyone know if its possible to speak to a real person, via phone, about a botched order? Because they sure seem to be making it impossible.” He later explained the whole situation, which our team summarised below.

The user ordered from PS Direct but didn’t get a confirmation for delivery until 11:35 in the morning, around 2 minutes after the delivery failed. His delivery failed because Sony messed up his address, and the label was sent with just the street name and a postcode. He has been having many issues with the support, as there is no proper way to contact Sony about this issue.

When he got a response, it just told him they couldn’t do anything about it. He will have to wait for the package to be returned, taking 2 weeks. Then he gets his money back, adding another week to the mix. Only then can he re-order. Sony would not even bother reattempting the delivery, even though it is clearly a mistake from their side.

This issue could have been averted if Sony had not completely seized control over the sales. Experienced dealers and online stores can easily handle it, and the whole thing would have barely occurred. It’s not just one user expressing his concern; other users have also shared their woes; for example, one user states, The support is a cheek, first take the money and then can’t deliver on time. Would never have happened with Amazon.

Another user mentioned that his delivery was postponed indefinitely, and he did not receive a tracking code. Those are just a few of the many you can find if you look closely in this Reddit post. Some may say these things are inevitable with shipping, but it falls under Sony’s responsibilities to do well with such a significant release.

Sony PS VR2

It almost feels like Sony cares less about the audience than about racking up sales numbers. The least that the consumers deserve is a proper support page where they can get their queries regarding the deliveries answered. We can’t even begin talking about the bad service that the user on ResetEra received.

Some people have begun talking about how Sony knew these things would happen and therefore gave a blanket statement “delivery between February 22nd and 28th, 2023.” If they knew from the start, they should have gone for non-exclusive distribution since customers should be the top priority.

Even then, it doesn’t surprise us because PlayStation Direct Store has messed up similarly in the past. When DualSense Edge Controller was released, many users complained about late deliveries, even with express delivery. If this continues, we can see more people refraining from purchasing through Sony’s exclusive distribution in the future.

That is all for now. Are you one of the people who ordered PlayStation VR2? If so, how has your experience been with the delivery and everything in between? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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