Sony XDev Is Working on an “Undisclosed PlayStation Title”

Some details hint that it might be a service-based AAA PlayStation exclusive with cooperative/competitive multiplayer.

Sony is one of the most dominant forces in the gaming industry. They always have dozens of projects in the works, and although they reveal only a few now and then, it is good to keep track of which Sony studio is working on a new project. Our team at TopTierList has found a recent job listing that reveals Sony XDev Europe is working on an unannounced PlayStation title.

The job listing barely provides enough details on the nature of this project, but frequent mentions of required experience in AAA titles strongly suggest that this project will be AAA. Since it is stated as a PlayStation title, we believe it might be exclusive, which is not surprising considering PlayStation has more exclusive titles than any other console.

However, some of their titles have come to PC after a certain period. In the case of this project, it is still too early to say anything since the game is in development, and many things can change by the time it is revealed. In addition, there are also mentions of experience in cooperative, competitive multiplayer and service-based games.

Sony XDev
Job Listing – Description.

Major Points

  • Sony XDev Europe is working on an undisclosed PlayStation title.
  • The job listing hints that it will be an exclusive AAA title, and it might be either a cooperative or competitive multiplayer and a service-based game.
  • Since we know which studio is working on the project, it might be easier to recognize it once it is revealed.

Sony is one of the most popular multinational conglomerates and needs no introduction. Its PlayStation is one thing almost any gamer would recognize in an instant. Due to a massive consumer base and expectations just as high, Sony is constantly working on various new projects.

Sometimes, their numerous studios work on hundreds of such projects of various scales. However, once you trim those numbers by their exclusivity and the project size, we might only have a handful of big projects.

Although they are revealed every now and then, it is easy for us to keep track of them once we know what studio is developing the project. Our team has found one of them in a job listing that has caught our attention. Sony XDev is working on an undisclosed PlayStation title, and even though it does not contain much information on what kind of project it will be, there are some interesting mentions.

The job listing for Producer, External Development, frequently states the requirement of experience in AAA games, for example, “You will work with our internal and external development partners, third-party suppliers and our colleagues across the wider PlayStation business to develop and publish AAA games for worldwide release.

We can also assume external partners are assisting with this project since it says so in the details. Sony harbors numerous studios and has worked with third-party suppliers frequently.

PlayStation Unannounced Game
Job Listing – Scope of Work.

Another line states, “Review each milestone as they are delivered throughout production. Your familiarity with the game design and knowledge of similar or competitive games will allow you to provide the developer with insightful written feedback and direction necessary to achieve AAA quality targets.

The Desirable Qualities section states, “You have a passion for game development with a deep understanding of core game mechanics and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to execute at a AAA quality level.

Sony Upcoming Game
Job Listing – Desirable Qualities.

As we said, there are several mentions of it, which strongly suggest that this project will either be a AAA title or aim to have a quality that can compete with other major AAA titles. In addition, the title is not simply stated as an unannounced title but as an undisclosed PlayStation title.

Since Sony is well-known for having the most exclusive games, this will likely be a PlayStation exclusive. Nevertheless, Spider-Man Remastered‘s release suggests it can release on PC after a year or so. There is also one particular mention of the nature of this project.

The first paragraph of “Our Role” states, “Ideally, you have a diverse game development background with experience of cooperative or competitive multiplayer and service-based games.

Even though it doesn’t narrow it down that much, it is still helpful, as once more details on this project are revealed or leaked, we will have an easier time recognizing the project. Nevertheless, video game development takes a while, and this PlayStation title might still have a long way to go before it is officially announced.

If you are unfamiliar with the works of Sony XDev, their recent PlayStation 5 releases include Returnal, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. They are all amazing titles, which is one reason we are excited about their upcoming projects.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on this undisclosed PlayStation title? Do you think it will be a AAA service-based multiplayer game? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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