Tony Todd the VA For Venom Has Started MoCap

Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac is going to release in 2023, and so far, we don’t know much about the plot, and the only thing we have to go with is the trailer. We saw Spider-Man fight with the mechanical spider legs, so we can expect Insomniac to give us great game mechanics. Not to mention, we also saw Miles Morales’ spider-Man fight in a tag team with peter parker.

For many, the best thing from the trailer was not the main character himself, but the Anti-Hero Venom, and Tony Todd as his voice actor. According to Insomniac, they want to “deliver a compelling human story, one full of heart and humor that dives deep into the people behind the mask”.

While we do know another game from Insomniac Games called Wolverine will have Motion Capture, which will definitely enhance the experience, we now just got some news that Tony Todd may have just started his Motion Capture part for venom. According to his tweet just hours ago, it seemed that they have continued or just started the mocap, and we might hear more news regarding this anytime soon.

Tony Todd started his debut back in 1986 with the film Platoon and has been in the works ever since. He has done many voices in the horror genre and is thus a legendary voice actor.

He is the perfect voice for venom, and half of the hype in the trailer was due to that fact. Tony Todd showed a raspy, deep, yet very captivating short performance, and his few words “Yes, We Will” were enough to shake us.

If they are indeed doing Motion Capture for venom in Spider-Man 2, then we can expect some amazing cut-scenes and fights from the anti-hero. This further increases the hype for the game, and once it is officially released, it will definitely be one of the best Spider-Man games. The tweet can also confirm that Nadji Jeter tease we saw. With all these teases from the official team of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 we might soon be proceeding to an official announcement.

Let us know what you think, and your expectations from the game coming next year.