First Look at the Possible Pre-order Bonus for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

If true, the game will have a lot of cool things behind a paywall.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received more information in the latest State of Play. Although there have been many leaks regarding the game, the gameplay has hyped up even more people. But at the same time, some are not happy with many aspects of it, one of which is the battle pass. Our team at TopTierList has found another cool thing that might be hidden behind a big paywall.

Twitter user Batman Arkham Videos tweeted a picture of Suicide Squad members with their first appearance outfits. According to him, this might be the game’s pre-order bonus, and while it is great to see the outfits in the game, the fact that you have to pay for those outfits doesn’t sit well with some fans.

Indeed it can be argued that most of the other fun content is free, but some fans are not happy with it. On the other hand, many fans love that they might give the spotlight to classic cosmetics. These outfits are an integral part of each character, and having them in-game can make them more appealing to a bigger audience.

Major Points

  • The pre-order bonus for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League might be the Squad’s first appearance outfit.
  • Since the leaker says “might,” it is possible that they are not pre-order bonuses, but they should be somewhere in the game.
  • It seems highly likely, especially with how you had to purchase Jim Lee-designed suits in Gotham Knights.

PlayStation recently dropped the Official Co-Op Gameplay footage of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the State of Play, raising our expectations for the game even more. Due to this game’s premise, it will have incredible gameplay with a unique story. One of the great things we are excited about in the game is the variety of costumes. Though some fans may not like the thought of some of them being accessible after purchase, many are just happy that they exist in-game.

One of those cool outfit sets will be the Suicide Squad‘s first appearance outfit for each member in the game. A great thing about DC characters is that they all have a lot of depth to their character, and these classic suits are a significant part of how they evolved throughout the comics. 

Since it is the first Suicide Squad game on such a scale, it is great to see that they have something to remember their origins. The King Shark, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot outfits look amazing in the picture and might even be worth the price. As for the Harley Quinn costume, we have seen it in TV Shows and various games many times, but it still stays faithful to the original.

Some might think that Deadshot’s original costume was very different from what we see now, but these are from their first appearance as the Suicide Squad. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that we see the solo first appearance outfits in battle pass.

Even then, we can’t help but notice a growing trend in DC games where some of the more classic items are hidden behind a paywall. Sure, they can do it however they see fit, but some fans have found it insulting to their passion for the franchise.

One user stated, “These skins are awesome, but I hate how both recent DC games hid “classic” suits behind a pre-order bonus. Gotham Knights felt exceptionally insulting because those Jim Lee designed suits were the best in the game, and you have to pay extra for them now.

Other people expressed their concerns about the game, stating that it will likely have most of its cooler items behind paywalls, ruining the fun for everyone. As such, they even show less interest in purchasing a game copy.

It should also be noted that the tweet says “could be,” so there is a possibility that they won’t be the pre-order bonuses, but they should be in the game or in battle pass. Regardless, they will most likely be behind a transaction, so you will need to get your wallets out if you want to enjoy them.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on these outfits as pre-order bonuses? Are you worried about the growing trend of these items accessible only through purchase? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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