LOL World’s 2022 “Star Walkin” Gets 11k Viewers Before Premiere

Riot Games have again stamped their mark on history. With all of the hype they pushed behind this one song, it surely paid off. Although it is quite hard to top masterpieces like “Legends Never Die” and “Pheonix,” Star Walkin’ sure came close.

Riot Games host an annual e-sport event for their game League of Legends. They recently expanded this tradition onto their other title, Valorant. For Valorant, they released Fire Again, which featured Ashnikko, but for League of Legends, they went even bolder.

Lil Nas made sure it was known that he was the voice behind Star Walkin’ in the teaser video, Lil Nas Takes Over As President Of League of Legends. Worlds has always been a great marketing stunt for Riot’s events, and they always work.

Worlds 2022

The Gist of it All

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Let’s talk a little about what Worlds is all about. We know that it is an esports event, but that is seriously undermining what it is actually worth. Think of it as the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals only; it’s for League of Legends.

A plethora of teams fights to compete in this grand tournament. For 2022, we have major organizations from eleven leagues in total, like 100 Thieves and Fnatic. At the moment, there are 24 teams that are going head to head in this grand world tournament.

For this grand event, Riot always kills it with promotions. Take Arcane as an example. That entire show is marketing for one of the top games in the world. Similarly, these songs are all there to promote this event. I have to say, these are the most entertaining and effective advertisements I have ever seen. Now let’s talk about this year’s promotional video.

Star Walin’ Premiere

Lil Nas X  already killed it with the teaser for his latest song as I mentioned it above. It quickly gained the spotlight on Twitter. Just within an hour of Star Walkin”s release, it gained over 400k views on youtube alone. This was not the most astonishing statistic, though.

World’s fans came over to show their love THIRTY minutes prior to the premiere of the song itself. We at toptierlist would like to thank FoxyLoxyRedHead for spotting this sweet little statistic. Before the premiere, approximately 11 thousand fans were talking around in the stream chat, sharing their excitement for this masterpiece.

This is astonishingly high and, at the same time, quite expected. Riot has impressed us again and again that it is almost hard to believe they will ever disappoint us. Knowing how League songs, it will probably only take Star Walkin’ a couple of weeks to reach 10 million streams.

I personally loved the song but be sure to let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Consequently, there is a group of people who seem underwhelmed by the quality of this song. League of Legends World will start on September 29th. Lil Nas X will probably be performing it live in the finals like every artist did in previous events.