Stoic’s Project Belfry Is Rumoured to Use Unreal Engine 5

Stoic Studio, the creation of three former BioWare staff and developer of the popular The Banner Saga, could not hide the development of an unannounced project. A while ago, it was revealed through various job listings that Stoic is working on a project termed Belfry, and according to many credible insiders, it is rumored to be an Xbox Exclusive.

However, you probably already knew that, but some of the recent information from an insider reveals that Project Belfry will be made on Unreal Engine 5Our sharp eyes at TopTierList caught a tweet by insider eXtas1s, who has a good record regarding Xbox-related leaks. Even then, there is no official announcement, so take some things with a grain of salt.

Major Points

  • Insider reveals that the long-awaited project Belfry is made on Unreal Engine 5, so we can expect great graphics and simplicity.
  • In the tweet, eXtas1s calls the game by another name, The Wandering Tower. It is unclear whether that name is final or just a placeholder.
  • We also have evidence from Stoic’s recent job listing for the Lead Gameplay Engineer position.

Even with the latest leaks, the details are pretty scarce. Most of what we know comes from insiders, and since the game is still unannounced, anything can change by the time the game is released.

Still, we would not be presenting you with the news if we did not have something solid to go with. Coincidentally, Stoic’s recent job listing for the Lead Gameplay Engineer position also suggests that one of their current projects will undoubtedly make use of Unreal Engine 5/4.

According to the requirements, “Technical understanding of working with Unreal Engine 5/4 (UE5/UE4)” is one of the four things needed for the job. Although it does not mention what game they are hiring for, Project Belfry is the only currently-known project under Stoic’s banner.

Stoic's Unannounced Project Belfry
Stoic’s Job Requirements for Lead Gameplay Engineer.

The timing seems good, which is precisely why we think eXtals1s might not be simply shooting in the dark. With all that said, do take some things with a grain of salt, as this is an unannounced project, and many things are still subject to change.

That will be all for now; what do you think of the game now that we know it will be made using UE5? Do you think it will surpass the benchmark set by The Banner Saga? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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