Stuntfest Might be THQ Nordics Upcoming Game

THQ Nordic GmbH, or the former Nordic Games GmbH, was formed back in 2011, in Vienna Austria. They are a publishing subsidiary of the bigger Embracer Group. Once the parent company bought the THQ trademark in 2014, the name was changed to what it is now. While they may have suffered from a few controversies in the past, they have made quite a reputation for themselves.

Most of their games are acquired from other developers, like JoWood Entertainment and their subsidiaries. Over time, THQ Nordic has acquired many subsidiaries, including Bugbear Entertainment, Gunfire Games, HandyGames, etc. One of their most notable titles includes Wreckfest, a popular game that was released back in 2014.

Bugbear Entertainment announced back in 2016 about their new game called “Sneak Peek 2.0”, and posted a trailer on YouTube regarding the game. The rumors were that the game will be released in 2017, however, that wasn’t the case. The gamers may have gotten early access to it, but the game still seems somewhat unfinished.

Here we are with an exclusive leak that the game might be polished and renamed “Stuntfest”. According to a Twitter user zdobywcygier, the game is going to be one of their ongoing projects, and we might see it released sometime soon. While he posted a whole article regarding the game, THQ Nordic was quick enough to take it down, further solidifying the leak.

The translation of his follow-up tweet is:

We had to remove yesterday’s article due to a report from THQ Nordic. Sorry for the inconvenience

Not only that, but his article even mentioned that the game seems like a combination of  FlatOut, Trackmania, and Wreckfest. Most of its inspiration is taken from the older games, but with more dynamic content, along with many events. He also mentioned the theme of the game, which would be similar to the Grand Canyon in Colorado or the Arizona desert. The players will also get to experience green, yellow and purple decorations, obstacles, balloons, and other such things in the natural environment, to give it a more festive vibe.

It takes Trackmania’s inspiration to race on maps through a lot of debris, and how you can launch your character to a target just like in FlatOut Series. It means that we can move our driver, similar to Destructive All-Stars, and be able to launch ourselves from our ride and even summon our own vehicle. The character will have usable items on the LT and RT buttons. In the game, you can use nitro while driving and have an Ultimate (Special Skill). One of the special skills is a glider, which you can use in the air.

The game also allows you to have a vast collection of different vehicles that you can use. Furthermore, we even found a picture that could potentially be taken from within the game. But do take it with a grain of salt as zdoby did not mention this picture being part of the game. It is very possible that we will hear some more news regarding this from THQ Nordic themselves in their showcase that is planned for 12th August.

It should also be noted that among the (now deleted) old leaks of Nvidia registered game title logs, there was a name “Wreckfest Sequel”, which can also be a placeholder for Stuntfest. Aside from that, no further information has been confirmed, so all we can do is wait until their showcase on 12th August and see for ourselves. If you have any further questions, do let us know!