Surgeon Simulator Developer Hiring For F2P Multiplayer Survival Game

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Founded in October 2010, Bossa Studios is a game development company based in the United Kingdom, most renowned for its darkly humorous over-the-top operation simulation game, Surgeon Simulator, which was released in 2013 and has over two million copies sold as of February 2015. In 2020, the company then released a sequel to the game, Surgeon Simulator 2, which featured a cooperative campaign feature of up to four players.

Since then, the company hasn’t released much other than a physics-based adventure game, I Am Fish. However, it seems like Bossa Studios is now working on another unannounced project, one that it calls “one of Bossa’s most ambitious titles to date,” and this one is a free-to-play online multiplayer survival game.

Earlier today, we came across a recent job listing on the company’s LinkedIn page for the Senior Games Designer position at Bossa Studios, the description for which reads, “Bossa is looking for an exceptionally talented Senior Game Designer, passionate about fundamental game mechanics, systems and core loops design, who will help us create a new game from scratch. We are keen to work with someone who understands the free-to-play landscape, and is able to shape memorable experiences worth playing and sharing with others in a live game environment.” Hence, it’s clear that the company currently has an unannounced free-to-play online game in its early stages of development.

Surgeon Simulator
Job listing for the Senior Games Designer position at Bossa Studios. | Source: LinkedIn

Furthermore, one of the requirements that the candidate must have mentioned “knowledge and experience of free-to-play games and associated monetization systems” (emphasis on “monetization systems”), suggesting that this upcoming game might have some form of microtransactions in it, which is common for free-to-play online games.

Additionally, another requirement that the candidate must have includes a “passion for and understanding of core multiplayer game mechanics,” which means that this upcoming game will possibly feature cooperative elements as well, much like Surgeon Simulator 2.

Surgeon Simulator
Requirements and pluses for the Senior Games Designer position at Bossa Studios. | Source: LinkedIn

However, this isn’t all, as one of the pluses that the candidate could have mentioned was “experience with survival and survival-adjacent games,” suggesting that this unannounced project from Bossa Studios could be of the survival genre.

While there’s no information about the platforms that this upcoming game will be released in this job listing, another one for the Lead Game Designer on the Bossa Studios website suggests that it may come to PC or console platforms, or both, as one of the requirements that the candidate must have stated “proven design track record on released PC and/or Console titles.”

Surgeon Simulator
Requirements for the Lead Game Designer position at Bossa Studios. | Source: LinkedIn

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have about this unannounced project, what seems to be a free-to-play online multiplayer survival game for PC and/or console platforms. In November 2020, Eurogamer reported that Bossa Studios had suffered a round of redundancies but targeted a fresh start in 2021, with the release of I Am Fish and Surgeon Simulator 2, along with a new game that the company had started working on in February 2021.

“So, we are excited, especially because of the new games we’re going to make next year. I Am Fish is looking great. We’re still launching Surgeon next year. And we have a new game starting in February. All this is super cool for us,” said Henrique Olifiers, the Co-Founder of Bossa Studios.

What do you think about this? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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