Leaks Suggests Tencent Might make its own VR Headset

Tencent is one of the largest multinational tech and multimedia conglomerates; when it comes to gaming, it has made successful games such as  PUBG, League Of  Legends, COD: Mobile, and Arena of Valor; the names speak for themselves, and the list continues.

After dominating the gaming industry, they have shown substantial interest in the metaverse. They have acquired the 10 largest gaming acquisitions in china & news suggests that they are likely going to lead China into the metaverse.

Further, we received a leak from Brad Lynch, who works as an XR Hardware Analyst and VR Level Designer, But At that time, nobody paid any attention to this news as there was no credible source.

Now we have finally caught on to a thread of evidence. Jez Corden, who works as an editor at windows central, Co-host of Xbox two podcast, and a well-known leaker. Jez has many sources and has provided information way before the official announcement in the past.

In a podcast with great confidence, he revealed that Tencent is working on a VR Headset and claimed they would most likely fail as the competition is very tight.

If this goes as Tencent is planning, they will most likely get into the metaverse where the future lies. Tencent can then compete with Microsoft, Facebook, and Sony. If they have their own VR Headset and the games that they have in their bag, Imaging playing PUBG in VR.

Nothing is certain as of now, as we are yet to receive any official confirmation. Still, their past interests and rumors regarding metaverse and Tencent acquiring the 10 largest gaming acquisitions in china suggest that this is most likely the case. Soon, we might get an Official announcement from Tencent.

That’s it from us for today. Stay tuned for more news, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!