TF2 Mapping Community Sends an Open Letter to Valve

The open letter accurately addresses the prevalent issues, and presents ideas on how they can be fixed.

Team Fortress 2, one of the most popular and classic video game titles to ever exist, has seen some issues with its content. Our team at TopTierList found an open letter, written and signed by the Team Fortress 2 Mapping Community, which goes over the prevalent issues in the game, and how Valve can solve them.

The letter talks about the current state of community maps that are being featured in the game. Since the game only sticks to Smissmas and Halloween-themed maps, many gamers are experiencing burnout, as there is little creativity in that content.

Moreover, these maps make the content feel much more temporary and hard to get attached to. As such, the TF2 Mapping Community has come up with different ways to implement non-holiday-themed maps, along with their addition to the game year-round, so these maps feel less temporary and become part of the standard casual mode playlists.

Major Points

  • Team Fortress 2 Mapping Community has sent an open letter to Valve.
  • The letter addresses content/map-related issues and how they can be improved per the community’s desire.
  • If Valve does consider these suggestions, we can see a huge improvement in TF2‘s community maps.

Team Fortress 2 Mapping Community has a very respectful following in the community. Mostly because it is the only community striving to make the game better. According to them, “The community is geared towards mapping for Team Fortress 2 and making other custom content for the game.

Ultimately, it comes down to Valve to add the custom content, and so the Mapping Community has decided to address many of the prevalent custom mapping issues. The letter starts off by appreciating Valve’s efforts in featuring the community maps over the past few years. These maps are one of the only things that have kept the game feeling refreshing.

The letter reads, “there is definitely a growing sense of burn out on only sticking to Smissmas/Halloween themed maps. The mapping community is trending towards only creating those types of maps, and there is the feeling that older non-holiday themed maps will need to be reskinned to fit those themes if they ever want to be considered for inclusion in the future.

The new content only focuses on Smissmas/Halloween-themed maps, and the Mapping Community believes that it has resulted in stagnation of creativity and negative remarks from players against reskins. Moreover, this makes the content temporary since barely any are featured year-round. Even if the community enjoys a map, it won’t last for long.

Team Fortress Custom Community Maps
Team Fortress 2.

The Mapping Community believes that there are ways to tackle that. In the letter, they state, “We would like to suggest the possibility of more non-holiday themed maps being considered for the holiday events, as well as being left in the game year-round as part of the standard casual mode playlists.

It continues, “Alternatively, we would like you to consider a new middle-of-the-year event featuring maps of all themes that would also be part of the year-round playlists; this could even just be tied into the usual summer cosmetics update. We feel this would greatly benefit not just the mapping community but help keep the game fresh for the player community as well.

If you skipped reading the letter, you should check the video, as it narrates the message pretty well. If Valve considers the ideas presented by TF2 Mapping Community, we can see some great additions to Team Fortress 2 custom community maps and year-round content.

It won’t be a surprise if they notice it since many gamers signed the open letter and all show massive love for the game. Moreover, non-holiday-themed maps sound pretty good and might bring back some of the audience that has already quit due to burnout.

If you are one of those people, what are your thoughts on the open letter by the Mapping Community? Would you be willing to give the game another shot if these changes are made? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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