The Nhaga Eater: A Witcher 3 Like Game by Krafton Revealed

It is hard for us to notice games when a lot is happening in the gaming community; recently, we had many trailers and reveals in the State of Play and were enlightened by the Tokyo Game Show 2022. If you haven’t heard of The Nhaga Eater, you may be one of the people caught up in the hype for other games. But let us tell you what you have been missing out on.

The new “UNANNOUNCED PROJECT” is presented by Krafton, the same company that brought us PUBG Mobile, and will bring The Callisto Protocol at the end of this year. The trailer for this new game showed immense potential and also gave us great insight into what the game is inspired by.

It does not hold back on any violence, and the facial features of the characters in the game are also well done. We can see the horror on their faces, which perfectly shows which character is in control of the situation and who is being hunted; in contrast, most other games do that by showing extraordinary physical features, almost like an abomination, to show their strength.

Key Takeaways

  • The trailer shows that elements from The Witcher 3 heavily inspire the game.
  • The game is based on a Korean Fantasy Novel named ‘The Bird That Drinks Tears’.
  • The leaked character designs potentially show the protagonist much more clearly.

Potential to Be a Korean Witcher 3

The developers themselves stated that the game would aim to be an RPG similar to The Witcher 3. Clearly, it won’t be a ripoff with exact same elements. Instead, it will adopt the aspects that make The Witcher 3 such a fantastic RPG and implement them in the world of ‘The Bird That Drinks Tears’. The result will surely be exciting, as the people who have read the novel are on cloud 9 with this news.

If you are unfamiliar with the novel’s plot, it is one of Lee Yeongdo’s most significant works. Here, the world is inhabited by four intelligent races; Lekon, Dokkaebi, Human, and Naga. All races other than humans are based on multiple mythologies and are integrated well into the story. These races follow their own specific God, and these Gods each possess the ability to control an element and have given their races unique gifts.

If you check the description of the trailer, it is mentioned that;

The trailer was inspired by the concept art of Design Director Iain McCaig and Team Windless using Unreal Engine 5. The team has spent over two years on building character and worldview on the artwork.

For those unaware, Design Director Iain McCaig has worked on many significant projects; one of the more notable ones would be his work as the Concept Artist in several Marvel movies, as well as in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. He also lent his expertise to Respawn Entertainment in bringing Titanfall to existence.

The Main Characters in the Novel

With such exceptional talent in the game, we will surely see some of these characters being portrayed in the best possible way. Some of these characters include:

Kagan Draka – He is a mysterious human who hunts and eats Nagas. Most likely the savage character we saw in the trailer. He is the ‘pathfinder’ of the team that now must rescue a certain naga and bring it to the Haensha Archtemple. His name carries interesting lore, as it consists of the two animals that were driven to extinction by the Naga; ‘Kaigon’ being a black lion, while ‘Draka’ a dragon.

Beehyung Srable –  He is a cheerful Dokkaebi and a butler to the lord of Jeumeunnuri. In addition, he performs his duties as the ‘magician’ of the rescue team.

Tinahan – He is a Lekin who has a dream of climbing on the back of a Sky Fish. Due to his arrogance and strength, he is the ‘defeater’ in the rescue party.

Ryoon Pei – He is a young Naga who witnessed the murder of his father when he was eleven. He has been sent to Haensha Archtemple, where he must save all the races. Due to his father’s death, he is scared of extracting his heart and has therefore run away from the heart extraction ritual.

Samo Pei – She is a Naga famous for her skills with the sword and her elegance in dancing. She possesses some uncommon behaviours, including being kind to other Naga males, and is, therefore, the centre of attention. She is the elder sister of Ryoon, and after she finds out her brother is accused of the murder, she sets out to kill him, as that is the tradition of Naga.

Character Designs

The sharp eyes at TopTierList also found some character design that goes well with the trailer. It was posted on Reddit by user u/LongJonSilver and showed the character up close.

Krafton Nhaga eater
The Character Visual Posted on Reddit.
Nhaga Eater krafton
Close-up Character Design Posted on Reddit.

We assume he is Kagan Draka, the character shown in the trailer. The concept trailer was named ‘The Nhaga Eater’, but that is not the game’s name. It is still an unannounced project, and a lot of work still needs to be done before the game reaches a point where we receive a gameplay trailer.

Nonetheless, it should be fascinating to see all these things coming together to form the game, and honestly, we are already very excited. Tell us what you found most interesting in the trailer, and do you think it will be as great as it claims? Let us know below, and we will get back to you!

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