The Molasses Flood’s the Witcher Game Will Have PvE and Co-op

The upcoming multiplayer Witcher game will be more stylized, and non-linear.

It has been a few months since CD PROJEKT RED announced Project Sirius, currently under development by the internal studio The Molasses Flood. Though we know it will have multiplayer, there have been no confirmations regarding competitive multiplayer, PvE, and other similar aspects. However, some recent job listings indicate that they will be there.

For those unfamiliar, Sirius is set in The Witcher universe but will bring something much more unique to the game, which they previously stated as “multiplayer gameplay on top of a single-player experience including a campaign with quests and a story.

These features have not been in the original games, and as such, the new Sirius is something every Witcher fan is looking forward to. But multiplayer does not guarantee whether the game will have PvE, and CD PROJEKT RED has not confirmed whether the game will have a competitive aspect. But our team at TopTierList put together some job listings, each of which hints at some things we can expect in the upcoming game, including PvE and co-op.

Major Points

  • The upcoming Witcher game will likely feature PvE and co-op.
  • It will have non-linear storytelling and will focus on and will be a stylized game.
  • One job listing also hints at game modes, class design, player progression, social activities, etc.

CD PROJEKT RED is expanding some of its IPs, as seen with the Cyberpunk 2077 DLC and the many projects they revealed last year. One of those projects was Sirius, now more commonly known as the Multiplayer Witcher.

Even though it is set in the same universe, it is not The Witcher 4. Instead, it is here to offer something unique to the franchise, and that is multiplayer. However, we had no confirmation on whether it will be PvE or if it will have co-op, but according to some recent job listings, we can be more confident that it will.

The Witcher Upcoming Game
Job Listing #1

The job listing for the position of Senior Multiplayer Designer mentions several details. The job description reveals that it is for The Molasses Flood’s upcoming projects, but we can be sure it is indeed for The Witcher through the qualifications.

  • Experience prototyping in Unreal Engine on multiplayer Co-Op/PvE titles.
  • Experience with action design.
  • Passionate about the Witcher universe and lore.
  • Mentoring experience. 
  • Experience or interest in procedurally generated levels.

Aside from the passion for The Witcher universe, we can see that this job demands experience in Unreal Engine with multiplayer co-op and PvE titles. These details were not confirmed previously, but we can say that these job listings are a reliable source as they come from the studio directly.

In addition, one of the qualifications states, “Highly passionate about multiplayer games and systems (game modes, class design, player progression, social activities, etc.).” So we can expect those things in the game as well.

The Witcher 4
Job Listing #2

Another job listing for the position of Senior Combat Designer reveals some details on the enemies and combat system. The job description states, “You will take on everything from the high-level – pitching enemy and weapon types – to the sub-second nitty-gritty.” So there will be different weapon types that we can play with, but that’s not all:

  • Pitch, prototype, implement, balance, and ship a wide variety of enemy types, including core enemies and bosses.
  • Tune the combat experience at the micro level: animation lengths, I-frames, damage volumes, etc.
  • Implement each character type’s combat behavior using techniques such as behavior trees, animation graphs, and blueprints.

The requirements reveal more of the smaller details we can expect in combat, such as animations of various lengths, I-frames, multiple character types, and their combat behavior. Though these things are expected from such a game, it is nice to see that the game will not discard the fun elements for the sake of uniqueness.

The Witcher Job Listing
Job Listing #3

In two other job listings, for Senior World Builder, and Narrative Director, we see more details on the world-setting and story aspects. The first listing states, “CD PROJEKT RED is looking for a Senior World Builder to help us bring the exciting world of our upcoming stylized game to life.

If you didn’t know, stylized games focus less on the object/environment details as it is assumed that the player would know how they look anyways. So, if you expect some high-end graphics with realistic environmental details, you might be disappointed.

The Witcher Game Leaks
Job Listing #4

The other job listing covers some expected details, as the role requires “Familiarity with branching and non-linear storytelling.” This was expected, but it is good to know that we can do different things and not be caged within a linear storytelling setup.

The Witcher Game Details
Job Listing #5

Last but not least, the job listing for Technical Game Designer goes over some other interesting details as well. Some of the requirements for this job include the following:

  • Experience working with procedural generation systems.
  • Design experience with systems-heavy action/adventure games.

Though we would like you not to read too much into the last job listing, as the meaning of procedural generation systems is quite vague. Many expect only rogue-like games to have such a feature, but there are non-rogue-like games that make use of this system.

CD PROJEKT RED confirmed only some details, but they did not discuss many of the ones mentioned in these job listings. It is also possible we may have missed some details. Not to mention, some of them are subject to change unless officially announced, so don’t set your expectations just yet.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on the upcoming multiplayer Witcher game? Do you think the game will live up to the expectations set by the franchise? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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