Timesplitters Rewind Gets an Update After Almost a Year

There are dozens of classic game series that deserve a sequel for the current gen. One such series is TimeSplitters, and although Deep Silver re-ignited some hope for TimeSplitters 4, we haven’t received many updates since then. Still, fans have kept the series going, especially with the TimeSplitters Rewind, which has been under development for the past decade.

For those unfamiliar, TimeSplitters Rewind is a fan game currently being developed for PC on Unreal Engine 4. The project is in the hands of a group called “Cinder Interactive Arts.” Fans have been waiting for this game for a long time, and just as they were about to lose hope, the group went ahead and posted an update video after almost a whole year.

The video shows snippets of the content they have been working on within the past year. Despite the issues the group has gone through in the past decade, they are still passionate about this project. We can expect them to deliver a fan game worthy of becoming relevant in the series.

Major Points

  • After almost a year of silence, the developers of TimeSplitters Rewind have posted an updated video.
  • They assured the fans that despite not having many updates, the team had made important progress.
  • The developers will not add much content. Instead, they will focus on bug fixes and improving the current state.
  • TimeSplitters Rewind still has no release date, but there has been significant progress since the last video.

The last video they uploaded before this was 11 months ago, where they showed some updated character models, menu, audio, game modes, and much more. Since then, the team has made some progress, which they showed in their most recent video.

We now have some updates to the older maps, and there are even some new ones. The maps are much more graphically impressive, including the Spaceship, Subway, and even Training Ground. There are even significant updates to the playable characters. The series has almost 300 such characters, which look much better in the most recent video.

In addition, we can see Handyman, Spaceways Stewardess, Eyes and Teeth Mummy in action. There are some original concepts inspired by older content, like the new “Hybrid Splitter,” likely inspired by “Hybrid Mutant.”

Since the team cannot take much content from the original series due to lack of ownership, the music here is composed by Jose Pavli, whose music we can finally hear in the background. It was composed by Graeme Norgate in the older games.

TimeSplitters Rewind
Screenshot From TimeSplitters Rewind Update Video.

Another great piece of news is that Deathmatch, Team Elimination, and Escort VIP are now playable, but there are no signs of the beloved Virus mode. Some related scenes can be seen in the updated video. The team has gone through many changes in the past decade, but there are significant improvements in the most recent video, showing that they have picked up the pace.

According to the narrator and the project’s lead writer Jake Parr, there have been tons of bug fixes since their last update. Still, they cannot give a release date as many things need to be finished before then. The team’s main focus is to improve the game instead of adding new content. So future videos will likely focus on bug fixes and updates to already-existing content.

Cinder Interactive Arts are also hiring talented people to join their team, especially to fill the roles of character artists. It has been a while since the team has looked this serious, and just as fans were about to lose hope, the recent video has rekindled our love for TimeSplitters.

Our team at TopTierList summarized the content of the video, but if you want to support the developers, you can check out their channel here. Are you also excited for TimeSplitters Rewind? Do you think it will be released sooner than we think? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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