Transformers: Rise Cutscenes Leaked, With More to Come

Transformers is one of the franchises that fill the mech genre while providing some of the best storylines. Although there hasn’t been a faithful game adaptation aside from War For Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, we might see some potential in one of Certain Affinity’s upcoming projects, known as Transformers: Rise.

Although the game is still unannounced, the title was revealed in a podcast in 2021. Senior producer Aaron Hamilton dropped the title, and that was enough to make us Transformers fans excited. However, our team at TopTierList would further ignite that excitement by giving the leaked cutscenes from the game.

YouTuber DpzLuna shared the scenes and thoroughly analyzed each character shown there. We would still ask you to keep your excitement in check because even though the scenes are too good to be fabricated, it is not 100% confirmed that these belong to Transformers: Rise. But since the evidence points that way, we would like to assume it is.

Major Points

  • Certain Affinity’s Transformers: Rise might tap deeper into the lore and be a title worthy of the Transformers name.
  • Most of the information is still unconfirmed, but the cutscene reveals some mysterious characters and hints at what we can expect in-game.

A Game Development Agreement almost a year ago states that Certain Affinity is handling a Transformers title. Since they haven’t given much official news and content, we can’t confirm whether the cutscene belongs to that game. 

Pursuant to the Game Development Agreement, Certain Affinity shall, under the direction of, and with input and cooperation from, the Company, inter alia, develop and produce for the Company the Game based on certain intellectual property (namely, the TRANSFORMERS Property) as well as provide related services to operate and maintain the game – Game Development Agreement.

If we assume it is Transformers: Rise, it is looking great for Certain Affinity, as the footage has reignited the love for this franchise which only a few other games have done. It can be the AAA Transformers title we have all been desperate for.

Since we don’t want to spoil the game’s content, you can check DpzLuna’s deep analysis of each scene, explaining the lore and many characters that appear. We will see some familiar faces, along with formidable foes. Combine that with the rumor of the game being a 3rd-person shooter, and it will be a masterpiece if done well.

Transformers: Rise Cutscenes
DpzLuna’s Reply on his Video.

In addition, DpzLuna also claimed to have more content, which he might reveal weekly, but we can’t quote him on that. So far, after watching the cutscenes, what are your thoughts on them? Do you think the game will be as great as we expect it to be? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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