An Upcoming Insider Suggests Trine 5 to Be Revealed Next Year

The Trine series revolves around side-scrolling, puzzle-like gameplay to create an experience that allowed it to garner a healthy fan base. Developed by FrozenByte and published by the likes of Nobilis, the game quickly rose to popularity due to its interactive gameplay and varying design philosophy. With time the game has seen its way to various platforms such as consoles, OS X and Linux.

Key Takeaways

  • The Trine series revolves around a quest, puzzle-solving gameplay
  • Has held a reputation for being interactive and engaging, being popular among the community
  • A leak suggests that Trine 5 may be on its way by 2023
  • Details are scarce, but one can hope that it lives up to the bar set by previous versions

Exciting News for Fans

The leak in question, spotted by TopTierList thanks to infamous twitter insider TheRealInsider, details the most likely release window for the upcoming installment in the Trine saga. A point to be noted is that despite being doubted by industry experts, this insider was the only person who managed to accurately leak the codenames and names of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed roster presented at UbiForward, as can be seen through his tweet here.

Furthermore, he has been an avid updater of news regarding upcoming releases and their leaks. Another example is that of The Silent Hill. The prospect that the revelation of Trine 5 may occur by next year is enough to raise dopamine levels of gamers across the board.

One might think of this as a much-needed breather for the industry in a space where FPS and open-world action series are hogging the limelight. Its success would prompt the rise of various genres in the market, ultimately benefiting us, the gamers.

It is imperative to note, however, that regardless of the track record of an insider, a leak must be considered a leak. Hence, taking such information with a grain of salt is best. We hope to hear more news about this game’s development from insiders or the studio.

Trine gameplay example
Trine In-Game Showcase

What Set Trine Aside From Others

The series’ popularity boiled down to the easy-to-grasp mechanics of the game integrated with a compelling and engaging multiplayer/co-op-like storyline. Many found it to be a much-needed step away from the otherwise monotonous game genre that has saturated the gaming space.

It would be interesting to see how the game’s development pans out. With the current roster receiving high praise, the new game would have a decent level of expectations attached to it. Coupled with FrozenByte’s hurdles that they have encountered in recent times, one can only hope that the release of Trine 5 is a breakthrough for them.

Ending Remarks

Are you excited about Trine 5? Do you think, with the hurdles that the studio has faced recently, that the game will live up to its expectations? What would you like to be seen included in the game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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