Ubisoft’s Recent Job Listings Hint at a New Open-World IP

Ubisoft has never disappointed us with its games and has always continued to expand its massive portfolio. As we look forward to Assassin’s Creed Mirage, we should not forget that Ubisoft has other games already in development. One of them includes Pathfinder, and according to a recent job listing, there might be something even more exciting.

Ubisoft recently posted some job listings on LinkedIn for a supposedly new IP and is hiring a Concept Artist, Vegetation Artist, etc. After reading the job description, the indications are heavily in favor of an open-world game. But since they haven’t confirmed whether the new IP will be open-world, keep your expectations in check.

Ubisoft Job Listing
Job Listing for Vegetation Artist.

Major Points

  • Ubisoft has posted multiple job listings for a new IP. After reading the job description, it is likely to be either an open-world game or their upcoming battle royale game, Pathfinder.
  • The chances are in favor of an open world since there is no such mention of a third-person shooter in any job listings.

A few days ago, multiple job listings emerged on Ubisoft’s LinkedIn for the positions of Lead Narrative Designer, Concept Artist, and Vegetation ArtistWhile there have been other posts, we can’t confirm if they all belong to the game in question.

However, the critical job listing here is for the Vegetation Artist, as it drops some significant hints at what the game might offer. Our team at TopTierList found some interesting details in the description, stating, “While working in line with our project’s creative vision, you deliver impactful visual assets to contribute to the atmosphere and mood within an immersive world waiting to be explored.

An immersive world waiting to be explored is one of the key elements of an open-world game. Although we can argue battle royale games like Fortnite have that quality, there is not even a slight mention of the game having a shooting aspect.

In addition, the responsibilities of this job also reveal the importance of vegetation and the ecosystem in this game. 

Open World Game by Ubisoft
Additional Details for Vegetation Artist Job.

Another position that we believe is related to this game is for Lead Narrative Designer. One of the requirements for that position includes “An excellent understanding of non-linear narrative systems and structures.

Ubisoft Open World IP
Job Listing for Lead Narrative Designer.

If you don’t know, a non-linear narrative system in games means that the players can complete different challenges in various sequences. That includes side quests, main quests, and other events in an open-world game, like Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn.

The implications are solid and reasonable if we consider that Ubisoft has some of the most popular open-world video games. Perhaps this new IP will be another venture that we would love to see unfold.

What do you think is this new IP? Are there any details that we may have missed from the listings? Do share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you! 

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