Unreleased Codenames of Fortnite Leaked

Fortnite is one of the most popular games, that introduces the players to a variety of game modes. To win, you must emerge victorious in a 100-player battle royale. The game is very strategic and skill-based, where you can show off your building skills, or even your aim in duo, squad, or even solo. Fortnite also keeps the players engaged through different events, battle pass, and amazing collaborations.

After the latest updates in the game, players have been very excited about the additions, however, there are still some things that are unreleased and exist in codenames within the game. These leaks were posted by Twitter user iFireMonkey, as he showed a list of the unreleased things we might see in the future.

However, other than the text, no further explanation has been given, and a lot of it is left for speculation. It will however be confirmed sooner or later, but take the speculations with a grain of salt as iFireMonkey did not give further information except regarding one codename.

iFireMonkey is a frequent Fortnite News uploaded and often shares leaks, which turn out to be true, or have slight rework (which is to be expected in leaks). He has done leaks ranging from battle pass rewards to shop info, prior to their release. Which further strengthens the credibility of this leak.

Fortnite Codenames Leaked
Fortnite leaks by Twitter user iFireMonkey

There is a codename “Forsake”, which has a built-in emote CarbideKnightMale. There is a concept art provided by the leaker himself, which certain other Fortnite content creators have confirmed! Other than that, fans are also speculating that “rumble” might refer to a potential collab between Attack on Titan and Fortnite, but no one is there to confirm it.

Omega Knight Leak
Concept art of Carbide Knight

Potential speculation that might be true is that the codename “Blackbird” refers to the X-Men Plane, and considering the collabs between them in the past, it might even be true.

There might be slight changes before their release, but the framework should remain the same, and we will see their official announcement in the near future. If you have any further questions, do let us know!