WB Games San Diego Are Hiring for Free to Play AAA Games

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A recent studio by WB, “WB Games San Diego” is amassing a team of highly skilled game makers to help them in their mission of making free AAA games. They have had multiple job openings in the last two days. In total, there were fourteen job listings on their LinkedIn account in the previous two days. Just today, there were eight job openings posted.

The most recent job opening was for the position of Senior Advanced Technical Designer. Our team at TopTierList noticed this job opening along with multiple others such as job openings for Art Director,  Lead Software Engineer, and many more. 

It is a relatively new studio. There are only about 51-200 employees in total according to their LinkedIn account. Nevertheless, we are excited about this news, which means things are progressing. Although there has been no official announcement regarding launching any games soon, we are very hopeful about that because the company overview states that they want to make an impact on the future of AAA free-to-play games.

Mention of free-to-play AAA Games


Art Director Job Posting by WB Games San Diego
Job Listing for Art Director in WB Games San Diego

About WB Games 

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is an American video game publisher based in Burbank, Calif., and part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s newly formed global streaming and interactive entertainment unit.

WB is the parent company of many famous video game companies such as Monolith Productions and Avalanche Software. The news additions or subsidiaries to WB are WB Games San Diego and WB Games San Francisco

Their latest project was Gotham Knights. It was launched on October 25, 2022, but it did not deliver as expected. Their other project MultiVersus which was released in the same year was a huge success but has been dying since. Let us hope the upcoming games by WB Games such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Mortal Combat: Onslaught live up to the hype. 

Major Takeaways

  • WB Games San Diego posted a job listing on LinkedIn for the position of Art Direct with multiple other positions.
  • It seems to be huge news because their mission is to work towards free to play AAA title games.

Job Listings of WB Games San Diego

Earlier today, WB Games San Diego posted multiple job listings which indicated that they need highly talented individuals in their mission of making AAA games. One of the most prominent positions such as Art Director was also posted. They have clearly mentioned the job responsibilities of the Art Director.

Art Director Responsibilities
Responsibilities of Art Director

Other than this, they have also mentioned the required qualifications or essentials for the job. Their main essential is having 5+ years of experience being the Art Director or Art Manager in game development. 

Art Director Qualifications
Basic Qualifications of Art Director

Other Job Listings

Apart from the Art Director, 13 other jobs have been listed on the WB Games San Diego official LinkedIn account. They involve significant positions like Lead Software Engineer, VFX Artist, and different minor positions as well. The entire list is posted below:

Job Listings of WB Games San Diego
Job Listings of WB Games San Diego
Job Listings of WB Games San Diego

Concluding Remarks

We are really looking forward to Mortal Combat: Onslaught. Which upcoming games by WB Games are you looking forward to? Is it Mortal Combat: Onslaught, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, or some other game? Do you think the games will live up to the hype? And what do you think of all these job listings by WB Games San Diego? Let us know in the comments below!


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