Weird RPG: New RPG Title Making its Mark on the Charts

There is a very large number of people who are constantly looking for what to play next. If you are one of these people and love fast-paced action RPG games, then “Weird RPG” is a title you should not pass on.

Weird RPG is a simple 2-D RPG game developed by yuzhen and published by Indiecn Games. It was published recently on the 1st of October and has quickly gained many new players and positive reviews.

Usually, new games take a while before reaching 500-600 concurrent players, but Weird RPG seems to have done that on its second day. This game is also featured at the top of Steam’s New & Trending page, which is quite a statement.

“Shockingly Fun”

As I mentioned before, it is very rare to see a game perform this well within hours of its release. Weird RPG seems to have charmed all of its players with its bizarre and “Shockingly Fun” gameplay.

Weird RPG Steam Response
Steam Review

This review is the best summary of the game I came across out of the many that narrate how great and fun the game is. It is important to note that on the steam store page, it does say that this game is very hard. However, along with being hard, it has managed to create space in the hearts of its many players over the past few days.

Another thing to note about this game is that it has a total of 131 reviews. But, among those reviews, only nine are negative. Each positive review says the same thing that this game is nothing but absolutely fun.

The Gist of it All

  • Weird RPG is a fast-paced action RPG game that is quite high on the difficulty scale.
  • It has very positive reviews, with each of them narrating how fun this game is.
  • Shortly after its release, it has shown great growth, according to steam DB.

Rapid Player Growth

In my experience, I have never seen a game published by such an unknown developer rise this quickly. It is still growing its concurrent players on the steam database as I am writing this article. Therefore, the data in the picture below may be very outdated by the time you read this article.

Weird RPG Player Chart
Player Chart

It seems like a game with such a massive positive review ratio, along with a cheap price (5 USD), is an offer most players cannot deny. I, too, have fallen down this rabbit hole of hard boss fights and abnormal mechanics, and honestly, it’s amazing.

It does need a little bit of work, but for the first release, this game is absolutely phenomenal, with an incredibly innovative approach to RPG games. If I had to compare this to any game, I would say that this game is almost as impressive as Doki Doki Literature Club when it comes to its creativity.