LinkedIn Profile Hints Wolfenstein 3 Is in Development

The reveal comes through the profile of a UI/UX Designer who has also worked on the Indiana Jones Game.

One of the most popular WWII game series is undoubtedly Wolfenstein. The series has thrived since 1981; the latest release was in 2019. Since the latest release, fans have been waiting for Wolfenstein 3, yet there has been no confirmation of the game. Our team at TopTierList found some glimmer of hope that points to a potential Wolfenstein game in development.

Melissa Petrucci, a UI/UX Designer, has worked on several noteworthy titles, including MachineGames’ Indiana Jones video game. In her experience with the studio, she mentions working on another unannounced title.

Considering the history of MachineGames with Wolfenstein, and Xbox’s recent stunt with Hi-Fi Rush, we believe it might be the Wolfenstein 3 ready to be dropped any time. But let’s not jump too ahead of ourselves. Indeed, there is a high possibility of this being the game in question, but we can’t say anything about how far it might be in development.

Wolfenstein 3
Melissa Petrucci’s Work with MachineGames.

Major Points

  • According to the LinkedIn profile of a UI/UX Designer, MachineGames is working on an unannounced game.
  • MachineGames is popular for their Wolfenstein games, hinting at a potential Wolfenstein 3.
  • Even if it is that game, there is no telling how far in development it might be.

If you are unfamiliar with Wolfeinstein‘s history, it was originally developed by Muse Software. The initial titles were very different from what we see now in the series. Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein were more stealth-based and had a top-down perspective. 

After id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D, the game became much more popular as a first-person shooter. Since then, ZeniMax Media has acquired id Software and, therefore, the Wolfenstein franchise as well. MachineGames, owned by ZeniMax, has now become the main developer of the series.

As such, an unannounced title from MachineGames is strong evidence of Wolfenstein 3. If it was any other studio, that might not have been the case. Regardless, it looks like MachineGames now have their hands full with at least 2 games; the Indiana Jones title and this new unannounced game.

According to Melissa’s experience as UI/UX Designer at MachineGames, she has “worked on the upcoming Indiana Jones game and another unannounced project.” We already saw the Indiana Jones game trailer, but this new unannounced project has piqued our interest.

Even more so because Melissa does not work there anymore, and her work with MachineGames ended in January 2023. So, the game may be either already complete or in the final stages of development.

It won’t be a surprise if that is the case because we have seen how they stunned us with the sudden Hi-Fi Rush announcement. Quite frankly, we would love to see Wolfenstein 3 being shadow-dropped in their upcoming showcase.

Even if it is not Wolfenstein 3, it can be a spin-off title in the series, which is also not bad. Melissa has worked on several noteworthy titles, and her work here means we can expect some quality gameplay, not that MachineGames has ever disappointed us with their games.

Most Wolfenstein games follow William Blaskowicz “B.J.,” an American Army Captain, constantly fighting against the Axis powers. The earlier titles revolved more around the Nazi’s attempts at harnessing supernatural evil forces to add to their power, but later games jumped to an alternate history, where Axis powers won WWII.

Who knows what evil forces will need a smackdown this time? That is all for today. If not Wolfenstein 3, what do you think MachineGames is working on currently? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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