Xbox Might Expand Its Support to Some EU Countries

One of the first countries seems to be Slovenia!

Multinational corporations certainly have a lot of power in the global market, but that doesn’t make them omnipresent. One such example is Xbox and how it still doesn’t have any support in some European countries. Even though almost everyone in the gaming community loves Xbox Game Pass, such a platform cannot be used without support.

This has resulted in some bad blood between gamers from those countries and Xbox. However, something interesting has happened recently, which might point to Xbox’s potential expansion of its support in countries like Slovenia, which currently has no support.

Recently, Microsoft contacted the owner of the biggest gaming media outlet in Slovenia. Considering how the same media outlet has been ignored by them many times in the past, they are likely not contacting for a review or event. Instead, it seems highly likely that Microsoft wants to improve its support there. 

Slovenia Has Xbox Support
Media Outlet’s Owner’s Recent Statement.

Major Points

  • Microsoft reached out to the biggest gaming media outlet in Slovenia, which is very unusual as they have previously ignored the media outlet.
  • Though this doesn’t confirm anything, it seems highly likely Microsoft is seeking to improve Xbox’s support in the country.
  • If that is the case, other countries like Slovenia, with little to no support, may also be on their radar.

The gaming community in Slovenia has had it rough for a long time. Since there is almost no Xbox support, gamers cannot enjoy services like the Game Pass. Even though there are ways to work around some digital purchases, it has long frustrated gamers, and the issue has been expressed several times by the biggest media outlet in Slovenia. 

Xbox No Support Slovenia
Media Outlet’ Owner Ranting In a Thread Over Xbox Support.

The media outlet’s owner ranted in a thread by stating, “Xbox and Microsoft are failing simply because of zero support in Slovenia, which can be a very big obstacle for a casual user. Hell, we’ve already had to go through Microsoft’s troubles and problems several times because Slovenia is not a supported country or because it has a weird system.

He continued, “We were the owners of the Xbox console and tried to include it everywhere, but we always ran into some problems that do not exist with Sony, and that is why you will only see Sony consoles at all events.

Though he sounds angry at the company, he acknowledged how he is “in favor of the Xbox Game Pass, which is probably the best thing on the gaming market, and hats off to Xbox for such a solution.” But if they can’t take full advantage, the service is not at its full potential.

However, the same person stated in a recent thread that Microsoft contacted them. At first, one would say this is likely for reviewing a game since we are talking about a media outlet, but he continued by replying, “I don’t have any information yet on what exactly we would like, but I don’t believe it will be related to gaming, but rather to other solutions they offer.

In addition, they have been ignored in the past, so this sudden change from Microsoft has to be something big. Compared to Microsoft, Sony has big support in the country, which is the primary way gamers enjoy gaming with little to no inconvenience. However, they need a foreign billing account just to purchase digital games on Xbox.

Since many don’t have access to those methods, this is huge for the country and can mean that Microsoft is targeting the unsupported countries where Sony already prevails. Since it is not official, we can’t be too sure, but it will be confirmed sooner or later.

Aside from Slovenia, there are many other countries wishing for Xbox support. Is your country one of those? If yes, do you think Xbox will do great in your country after improving its support? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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