2nd Season of Tower of God in the Making

Tower of God follows the story of a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who lives beneath a massive tower, his only friend is Rachel who found her way into this tower. But Rachel now has gone up, leaving Bam behind. Now Bam is determined to find his friend at the top of the tower, so he ascends on his journey. There he finds many ups and downs, experiences new friendships, and faces powerful enemies.

The anime found great success as it had many twists and carried a unique narrative to the story. Of course, this would leave the fans to crave more for another season, but there has been no announcement regarding the production until now.

But we have a very credible leak as it comes directly from one of the animators at Telecom Animation Film. Who posted a tweet back in November of 2021, saying they are not making season 2 of “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro”, instead, they are making a sequel to Tower of God.

Telecom is an animation house that has animated both the First seasons of “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” and “Tower of God”. They won’t leave a project to experiment with another, and we haven’t heard anything from them after that.

The only reasonable thing here is that this sequel is actually the 2nd Season, and the animator misspelled it due to translation. What backs up this leak is that shortly afterward, the tweet was removed, and no one spoke about it afterward.

2nd Season Tower of God Leaked on Twitter
The animator’s tweet confirms the production of 2nd season.

Telecom animation studio is one of the most famous and oldest animation studios in Japan and has animated many renowned Anime/Movies like Lupid The Third, The Rose of Versailles, Anpanman, Detective Conan, etc.

Tower of God has not announced any information regarding season 2 but this leak has given a ray of hope to fans. However, since it still is a leak, take it with a  grain of salt.

To sum it up, an animator at Telecom, the studio animating Tower of God, posted a tweet about the sequel of the anime, but quickly deleted it, as that would leak confidential information. But we found this tweet, confirming the production of season 2, so if you have any further questions, feel free to ask!