Latest Rumors Claim No Doctor Doom Scene in Blank Panther 2

Fans have been waiting to see upcoming Marvel characters in MCU for quite some time. Speculations about the Black Panther sequel’s villain have surfaced on the internet and have seized the curiosity of millions of Marvel fans around the globe. Many believe that Marvel is missing out on one of its most recognizable and worthy characters: Doctor Doom.

Dr. Doom’s Association With Fantastic Four

Appeared on the screens as a supervillain in Marvel’s First Family, Doctor Doom is most famously known for his role as Victor Don Doom in Fantastic Four. Four friends have to fight the evil nature of a wicked doctor once they gain superpowers after being hit by an asteroid.

Not only is he the main antagonist in Fantastic Four, but his Marvel role is also embedded in him being the ruler of the nation Lativeria and ultimately a potentially big threat to the Multiverse.

Salient points

  • Early reports suggested that Fantastic Four’s antagonist,  Doctor Doom, will appear in BP2.
  • A spree of positive feedback from Marvel fans was viewed on social media.
  • Skyler Shuler and BSL confirmed on their official Twitter accounts that there is no Doctor Doom scene in the movie.
  • The release date of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to be on 11th November 2022.

Rumoured Doom’s Debut in Black Panther 2

The thought of Fantastic Four’s antagonist, Doctor Doom, in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gave rise to an immediate positive and exciting reaction from Marvel fans. Heaps of clues from various reporters and news sites indicated that Doctor Doom would appear in MCU quite soon. Tenoch Huerta further backed the rumor by implying that his role as Namor isn’t the main villain in Black Panther 2. 

In a synopsis of Coogler’s sequel posted on his website, Marvel’s insider, Charles Murphy, stated, “Victor Von Doom will expand his empire and conquer some parts of Africa, and eventually come into conflict with Black Panther and Wakanda.”

Another popular news website backed the rumored debut of Doctor Doom in BP2. An article by The Hollywood Reporter suggested that there might be a chance to see the Fantastic Four antagonist in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sooner than expected. 

Will Doctor Doom Be Seen in MCU?

Despite early rumors of Doctor Doom’s appearance in Black Panther 2 by various news sites, the TopTierList team brought you the latest and authentic news on Wakanda Forever. Originally posted by NoobMaster69, the tweet caught the attention of many fans who showed unpleasantness over this news. To give credence to our article, we can be seen that in the past, recent credible leaks by Noobmaster69 include info about Thor 4 and Doctor Strange 2.

Here is the link for Doctor Strange 2:

More info about DS:MOM from @NoobMaster69 from MarvelStudiosSpoilers


BSL backed up the rumor claiming that Doctor Doom’s scene from Black Panther 2 has been cut off by sharing their views on their official Twitter account @bigscreenleaks. In reply to a user’s query under the same tweet, BSL confirmed that there is no Doctor Doom in this movie.

The Insider’s editor-in-chief, Skyler Shuler, also confirmed the rumored leak on his official Twitter account. Another Twitter user asked him if the rumors about Doctor Doom’s scenes from BP2 were true, and he confirmed that he had heard a similar chatter. The scene had reportedly been cut off months ago from the movie.

A Twitter user Tom Smith took to social media and confirmed to Marvel fans that there is no Doctor Doom scene in Black Panther 2. As already assumed by many long ago about Doom’s appearance in Wakanda Forever, fans are left disappointed with the latest news.

Final Remarks

To conclude, the prediction of Doctor Doom’s appearance in Wakanda Forever as the main villain might have excited some fans, but it was too good to be true. It is good to see that fans are still rooting for Ryan Coogler’s sequel despite this news. It is safe to say that MCU will have its audience seated tightly for the movie to be premiered on 11th November 2022. 

Did you enjoy the trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Do you think there will be some last-minute changes by MCU for their upcoming film to surprise their fans? Let us know in the comment box below.

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