Triangle of Sadness Being Called Gross Is an Overreaction!

After Force Majeure and The Square, Triangle of Sadness has won the hearts of millions around the globe. For many reasons, Swedish filmmaker Ruben Ostlund’s weirdly hilarious movie was a big hit in theatres. Palme d’Or winning film left the audience in shock and laughter at the 2022 festival in Cannes. 

Ostlund gave a thrilling surprise to his fans with the release of the movie’s premiere during the 75th annual Cannes film festival on May 22, 2022. Moviegoers have mixed opinions about the details of the movie, but the majority loved the concept and approved of Ostlund’s work. 

A Memorable Standing Ovation

When played in Cannes’ Palais theater, the movie’s world premiere compelled the audience to give a loud and powerful standing ovation. It lasted eight minutes and is believed to have surpassed the ovations other movies received at the festival. Other movies in the competition were Top Gun: Maverick and the new Elvis, which also attracted the eyes of many at the festival.

In a Nutshell

  • Triangle of Sadness has been received as a movie with very gross scenes.
  • We feel these are gross scenes, but movies with nastier scenes exist, and an overemphasis is not placed on those scenes.
  • This is unfair to the movie, and it should be talk of the town for other great reasons.

Disturbing Gross Scenes

Though the initial poster might have disgusted the masses, it simply cannot overshadow the message and essence of the movie. While some left the theatre in disgust, others kept shrieking in horror and laughter at the movie’s awful scenes, as quoted by many. This movie got the most vocal audience reactions because it flips the social status and tears down the rich. 

The intense and savage, 15- minute viral portrayal of filthy vomits and poopy floods got the attention of many and, resultantly, heaps of criticism. It might become one of the viral movies on the internet because of the diversity of topics. 

Triangle of Sadness is not the only movie with awful and disgusting scenes that make the audience puke or walk out of the theatre. The fact that many past films also had such cinematics and concepts gives us more reasons to like Swedish directors’ work.

Movies With Similar Scenes and Concepts

Let us look at some of the films that developed similar or even worse reactions from their audience.

If we talk about the movie “Bridesmaids,” the scene where all the bridesmaids suffer severe food poisoning and end up vomiting and pooping in the sink, the audience is surprised. Despite such an ugly clip, the said movie was liked by many because of its beautiful plot. 

Thanks to the sick stick in the “Kick-ass 2” movie that becomes the reason for some major gruesome scenes. The sick stick is a special, non-lethal weapon that makes anyone puke and shit in front of everyone upon touching. Mindy used the device against Dolce, Brooke, and Harlow, which made them a complete embarrassment in front of the masses. The fans believed that it was the best revenge scene ever.

Another movie with a similar cinematographic was “The Sandlot,” where a bunch of boys confidently got on a ride in a theme park right after they tried chewing tobacco for the first time. Things didn’t go quite well, and they vomited the entire ride. In that scene, the boys can be seen covered in their disgusting T-shirts.

Puking may be a disgusting thing for some, but many find it wickedly hilarious, thus making some movies like Triangle of Sadness stand out among many. 

Only Good for Cinema

The feedback received from the audience seemed quite genuine as they pointed out the harsh realities of life. One Reddit user made a shockingly interesting comment on the movie. As can be observed, the majority feels like this movie was only good for cinemas.

Reddit user's opinion on Triangle of Sadness
Reddit user criticizes the movie.

Most privileged ones who came to the theatre to watch the film might have gone back to their private yachts to have fancy dinners. This act ignores the entire point of the movie. Ultimately, we must take or leave the message the movie maker tries to convey. 

Final Remarks

Though fans were quick to judge the movie based on its disgusting poster, the lesson Ruben Ostlund tried to teach us was much more than that. It was to show how quickly and catastrophically one’s social status can be turned upside down when harsh realities unveil themselves.