“Stranger Things” Star Spotted on the Set of Upcoming Sci Fi Film

Following the brilliant performance in Netflix’s biggest series, Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has closed the deal with Russo Brothers. The name of the movie is”The Electric State.” Anthony and Joe Ross have previously directed four Marvel films and The Gray Man starring Ryan Goslings and Chris Evans. The duo also partnered with Netflix and worked with Chris Hemsworth on the sequel Extraction. 

Street Look of the Star

Bobby was spotted on the set of her upcoming film in ripped black stockings and a short jeans skirt. She slayed her character look with a maroon beanie over her blonde waves. Pedaling her way through the set, she beamed a large smile when she made her way to the crowd on the road. TopTierList spotted the look of a Stranger Things star on Reddit, posted by @HaWhatTheF.

Among the cast, Jason Alexander was also seen on the set holding a piece of paper and wearing a motion capture suit. Some other big names included in the feature film are Chris Pratt, Stanely Tucci, Michelle Yeoh, and Jenny Slate. The movie’s executive producers include Angela Russo-Otstot, Jake Aust, Geoff Haley, Markus, and McFeely.

Stranger Things Star's Street Look for the Electric Shock Movie
Millie’s Street Look for the movie

Budget and Release Date

Speaking of the budget has been said that given the film’s reach, it will cost much more than what Gray Man had cost. Though there is no final verdict about the movie’s release date, it is expected that during the spring of 2023, fans will be able to watch this crazy sci-fi movie on their big screens.

Jake and Family Visited Millie

To support his girlfriend, Jake Bongiovi visited Millie on the set in Georgia, where the film gets shot. Jake paired a black T-shirt with khaki pants to give a casual look. Family and friends also visited her to show support for her upcoming film.

Jake paid visit to Millie on sets of "The Electric State"
Jake visits Millie on the set

Adaptation of Graphic Novel

The Electric State is an upcoming Netflix film based on the graphic novel of a similar title by Simon Stalenhag. The sci-fi novel revolves around an orphan teenage girl who, searching for her brother, makes her way across the American West. She is accompanied by a kind and puzzling robot and an outlandish drifter. Her adventurous quest to find her brother will also include unknotting some major conspiracies. The movie is filmed in a retro-futuristic past and will be a big hit among sci-fi lovers.

Concluding Remarks 

We all have seen Millie in Stranger Things and loved what she brought to the screen. Eleven is no stranger to sci-fi films, so it is expected that this time again, she will amaze her fans with her outclass performance in the movie. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments section below.