David Arquette Teases a Comeback to the Scream Franchise

What is the one thing that comes to mind when someone is prompted to think of a comedy-based horror film? The Scream franchise! Responsible for giving us a plethora of iconic moments to watch, a good laugh with all those around us, and just generally lightening the mood, the Scream franchise was the series the movie industry needed without knowing it.

The Defining Characteristics Of Scream

The series quickly became a global success and has since grossed over 740 million dollars worldwide. From the infamous “wazzuuuuuppppp!!” to many other equally notable meme-worthy scenes, the Scream franchise has given viewers something or the other to have a good laugh on. It offered a slightly biased lean towards the comedic aspect, yet it gave plenty of jump scares to please horror fans at the time.

Talking Points 

  • The Scream franchise was largely responsible for bringing the horror-comedy genre mainstream.
  • Impressive sales have left the series immortalized in the film industry.
  • The reviews so far.
  • David Arquette teases a return to the franchise.

Fans Take On Scream 5

The reception regarding the latest installment of the franchise has been mainly positive. Apart from the minority purists who struggle to adapt to change, the reviews speak highly of the film’s strengthened approach to induce more horror elements.

The return of the original cast, a more gripping storyline that doesn’t sacrifice by prioritizing public accessibility and improved production, means that Scream 5 has been touted as an all-time great for the film saga. Much of that also concerns the film’s long-standing tritagonist, Dewey Riley, played by David Arquette, who also is the man behind the mask.

With the release of Scream 5 came the end of the long-standing role of David Arquette in the film. Many hard-core enthusiasts of the film were left in dismay at the news. Who else could be worthy of such an iconic role for the installment?

A Return To The Series

David Arquette’s sabbatical from the franchise may be short-lived after all. Exciting times are ahead!

A recent interview with a youtube channel sees the veteran actor reminiscing about his performance in Scream 5, amongst other aspects of his career. The actor does not give a solid reply with a potential comeback to the series posed as a question. Still, he hints at a reasonably high possibility that he could be involved in some capacity shortly.

Fan Reactions

Reddit is a wonderful place for fan comments and opinions! A user named JustAWriterDude posted the youtube video, inadvertently creating an informal discussion thread.

David Arquette teases possible return to Scream franchise and responds to outpouring of emotion from fans about Dewey’s fate (11:58) from movies

There’s a spoiler alert for those wanting to watch the latest film but generally speaking, fans are not against the idea of seeing David Arquette resume operations in some role or another. As discussed by the film’s fan base, the possibility of such an occurrence does not seem far-fetched.

Concluding Remarks

Keeping one actor throughout is a reliable, sometimes too safe, option. What are your takes on David Arquette potentially making a comeback in the film? Do you think the film should rely on him to lure trusty fans, or should they explore other avenues via a newer cast? Let us know down below!

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