Major Upcoming Storyboard of What if Season 2 Leaked

One of the unique and inspiring series of its time, What If…?, captured the hearts of millions with its captivating storyline. One of the most awaited first season of the series premiered on Disney+ on 11 August 2021. The story would deal with alternate realities and an entirely different Marvel Universe if certain events occurred differently in the multiverse.

Major Updates About What If…? Season 2

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios confirmed a second season of the show. Viewers have been desperately waiting to know what might happen in the upcoming season since there is a vast range of possibilities in different multiverses. 

At the convention, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, revealed that the series will comprise 10 episodes and be premiered in early 2023. A potential cast list featuring Captain Carter, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, The Wasp, and Bigfoot was leaked as Marvel exposed the trailer.  

The crux of it

  • What If…? is one of MCU’s most intriguing and creative shows.
  • Andrew integrated some unused Captain America storyboards into Captain Carter’s storyline.
  • Season 2 of the series is most likely to be premiered at the start of 2023.
  • Storyboard leaks of the second season have stirred vast possibilities among the fans.

Confirmed Multiverse Events to Take Place

Adaptation of the Marvel Comics What If…? series’ trailer unveiled an alternate reality where Captain Carter fought the Hydra Stomper in the first episode. Another story structure from the series revealed Odin fighting The Mandarin. 

Other events followed, including Quil being delivered to Ego, his father. The most thrilling part of the trailer was The Watcher shouting “The Multiverse,” which could indicate another what-if situation.

Potential Storyboard Leaks of Season 2

A Reddit user Louis posted the leak, which was eventually spotted by the team of TopTierLlist. The leaks reveal a compilation of 12 illustrations in a post. Though Marvel fans have gathered some of the major news about season 2 of the series, this revelation would be a big deal for Marvel Comic fans. 

What If season 2: Storyboard leaks from LeaksAndRumors

The storyboard of each episode has captivating and thought-provoking visuals, and fans are already in love with it. The final verdict will surface when the masses officially claim their likeness to the upcoming seasons’ storyboard.

Andrew, the storyboard artist for Marvel Studios, revealed that he would adapt some unused storyboards from Captain America and merge them into Captain Carter’s story. He promised that he would maintain the uniqueness and newness of Captain Carter’s storyboard.

Captain Carter with her shield
What If Season 2-Captain Carter

Would Season 2 Be the Last Season of What If…??

Given the concept of parallel realities in different multiverses, there is no end to the what-if scenarios. Marvel Studios at SDCC 2022 announced a season 3 of the series, whose release date is unknown. Thus whatever story develops in season 2, a likelihood of a range of multiverse stories already exists. 

We cannot fathom the potential infinite possibilities of different realities at MCU at the moment. One thing that will eventually be a hurdle in the production of the What If…? series would be the budget of Disney or Marvel Studios. 

Final Remarks

TopTierList has brought you the exciting news of Marvel’s most awaited season. We hope you enjoy reading the major updates as much as we enjoyed getting them to you. In the comments below, let us know how you feel about this major leak.

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