“Kubo-san Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” Adaptation

The manga follows the story of Junta Shiraishi, a high-school student with a simple goal, to fully live his youth, but it’s not as simple as he expected. He is not noticed in school as he has a lack of presence; to the point where people assume he skips school, and claim that anyone who spots him will be blessed with a fortune that day.

The only person who notices Shiraishi is the girl who sits next to him, Nagisa Kubo. She makes his youth more lively by teasing Shiraishi and putting him in various nerve-wracking situations. How will their life proceed, and will the chemistry between them develop into something more?

This comedy/romance manga has received a lot of popularity, and the fans have been waiting for an anime adaptation, but there has been no announcement regarding the matter.. until now. The manga “Kubo-san Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” is going to get an anime adaptation, and the announcement will be done anytime soon. A tweet by Komi leaked the news, and the announcement might be given on this website.

User Komi is well-known for his sources, just in the December of 2021, he not only leaked the news of “Ayakashi Triangle” getting an anime adaptation but also what studio will produce it. After over a week, it was confirmed officially that they are indeed getting an anime adaption. If we go with this pattern, the news of “Kubo-san Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” will be announced next month.

Kubo san anime leaked
The Tweet by User Komi

The manga was nominated for the 6th Next Manga Award, came 19th out of 50 nominees getting over 9000 votes and came 7th in the 7th Next Manga Award. This award is the biggest manga award in Japan, it’s a collaborative work between Kadokawa and Da Vinci. Once the anime adaptation is out, we will likely see the same popularity, if not more than the manga.

Kubo san nominating
Kubo San nominating in Next Manga Award

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