Marvel to Produce a Spider Man vs Venom Movie

Andrew Garfield originally appeared on screen as Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 soon followed by part 2, fans enjoyed Andrews’s acting but were let down by the lazily written plot and villain choice of Sony. However many had hoped Andrew would redeem himself in the expected sequel to the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”.This sadly never happened as part 3 was canceled and the public was left in the dark as to why.

Many fans have asked Sony to give Andrew another shot at reprising his role as our friendly neighborhood Spidey, and it seems Sony might have listened to their call since he was involved in Sony’s Spider-Man No Way Home and now there have been rumors of a cross-over between Spider-Man and Venom in a new Spider-Man Movie as leaked by a Reddit user u/RandomTopHat who is known for leaking credible movie information and rumours . Previously this user published information regarding the changes in release dates of the movie Dune and the cast of The Witcher season 3.

Many fans and critics were enraged by the sloppy writing of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but both Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and Jamie Fox as Electro managed to redeem themselves and their on-screen characters in Spider-Man No Way Home. What’s interesting is the inclusion of Venom in these rumors as to whether you are a Marvel movie or comic fan, a highly discussed topic among mega fans is Venom vs Spiderman, the company’s baby face vs its heel.

Marvel to produce a new spider man movie
Reddit user u/RandomTopHat’s post regarding these rumors

The real reason an Amazing Spiderman 3 movie never happened was revealed when emails between Sony Execs were leaked in 2015 revealing Andrew Garfield did not show up to a press event in Brazil in which Sony boss Kaz Hirai had planned to announce The Amazing SpiderMan 3 Infront of hundreds of fans, after which Sony Execs felt let down by Andrew and decided to let go of him. Andrew however stated he was jetlagged and sick from his flight to Rio and was unable to make it, however, it clearly wasn’t enough to make up for the “no-show” from his side. Sony and Andrew seem to have made amends since he starred in Spider-Man No Way Home alongside Toby Maguire and Tom Holland.

ARandomTopHats info regarding dune release date
Dune Release date changes reported by u/ARandomTopHat Via Reddit

No Way Home has opened the doors to the possibilities of Venom vs Spiderman as Tom Hardy’s Venom made his cameo in the end credit scene of No Way Home, this and the fact that Disney allowed Sony to use Spiderman in their movies while retaining merchandising rights to the character means a cross over has become a possibility unlike previously where the character was kept exclusive.