Fan-made Ichigo vs. Naruto Might Just Be The Thing We Need

Earlier in the late December of 2021, Twitter user SethTheProgrammer posted a raw trailer depicting Naruto vs. Ichigo. This fictional fight is one of the most talked-about battles in the shonen community, and it’s hard to pick a side between them. Both the characters are protagonists of two of the Big Three Anime.

Fortunately for the fans, SethTheProgrammer posted an official trailer, and people can’t get enough of it. The trailer has better animation quality than some of the great anime, and that is exactly what this legendary fight deserves.


Naruto is a young boy from Konohagakure, who had the demon fox sealed inside of him right after he was born. Not only does he face discrimination and struggles to get recognized, but he also has the dream of becoming a fine ninja, who can lead his village as the Hokage. The anime follows his adventure from childhood to when he is older and more in control of his power.

Ichigo is a teenager who leads a very simple life, which is completely turned over when he witnesses a Hollow and fights it. In the process, he receives Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki and starts his life as a half-human half-shinigami. Does he belong in the human world or in the soul society? As he continues to get used to his powers, he faces many hardships and challenges, and he must prove himself to be worthy of wielding such power.

The fight depicted in the trailer shows that both Ichigo and Naruto are at their peak power, so the fans will not have to hold any grudges if their favorite character loses.

While Naruto fans have their fill of entertainment from Boruto, Bleach has struggled to get an anime adaptation of the final arc, and the anime seemingly went on an unending hiatus after it ended. But it was recently announced that the final arc “Thousand Year Blood War” will finally be animated.

Until we see that in the anime, a very high-quality fight like this can re-invoke the shonen spirit within all of us. If we recall, the last thing that made us feel this way was the fan animation of the final arc by Retro Ryno.

Do let us know who you think is going to win, and give your opinions!