SPY X FAMILY Is Potentially Going To Get A Stage Play

SPY X FAMILY follows the story of an undercover spy on a mission, who marries an assassin and adopts a young daughter for his cover. The three are keeping these secrets from each other and must strive to do so to stay together. The anime shows a very humorous and fresh comedy, which is why it is one of the best ongoing anime currently.

The anime has seen vast success, especially the manga sales after the serialization of the anime. It is reported that the manga has sold over 17 million copies, and the anime is rated in the top 5 of all time on MyAnimeList. It has a 9.07 rating, just slightly lower than the three anime rated 9.08 from the top 2-4.

In Japan, SPY X FAMILY has seen huge success as its debut was the second most-watched TV-Show. Having such massive success in not only the anime but also the manga, it is guaranteed that we will see various other projects in the anime.

The announcement by SHIHEILIN on Twitter.

Likely so, it was revealed just earlier by SHIHEILIN himself that once the animation broadcast is over, they will be working on a new project. Now, this project may have a story unrelated to the manga but have its own aesthetics. There were rumors for a while of a SPY X FAMILY Stage Play in the making, and this has been confirmed as the Twitter account has been made, and they have even announced holding auditions for actors. The stage play is going to be musical, which will be very interesting to see being implemented with the core of the show.

Musical Stage Play
Auditions for characters are announced by SPY X FAMILY Musical.

This is huge news for SPY X FAMILY fans, and we might see easter eggs to future anime content, and of course, more of Anya the star of the show. Further updates will be made on their Twitter, so stay tuned. SPY X FAMILY is currently on its 4th episode, and the season will have 12 episodes in part 1 of the season and 13 episodes in part 2.

Both the parts of season 1 should be finished before 2023, so we should expect a lot more from them in the coming year as the project is still very fresh. The Musical stage play will be held in the Imperial Theatre in the March of 2023.

That’s all for now, we will keep you updated on any news, in the meantime, if you have any questions, do let us know!