Multiple Leaks of Upcoming Film “The Super Mario Bros” Surfaced

A high-quality poster possessing the film’s visual style was released by Nintendo and Illumination to put a rest to all the rumors and speculations about the most awaited movie. A Nintendo Direct presentation, offering a teaser trailer of the movie is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 6th October 2022. Nintendo of America confirmed in a tweet that the focus is strictly going to be on upcoming films only.

The Crux of It

  • The official premiere trailer is scheduled to strictly focus on a movie with no discussion of game features.
  • Criticism of Chris Pratt’s accent for playing Mario’s voice could not be avoided.
  • Queen Gambit’s star, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach visualized in the leak with improved features.

Game and Movie Visuals Differences

Since video gamers focus mainly on the plot and visuals of the overall game, they pay little attention to the details of the characters within the game. While on the other hand if we ask a movie lover to tell us about animation and minute details of characters in a featured movie, they would go in-depth about it.

The hyper-realistic look of Mario in the movie is leaving fans with heaps of excitement and curiosity. They will definitely have a lot to say when the animation plays in motion.

The Title Goes Viral on Social Media

As soon as the first look of Mario got viral, a series of leaks, including the title of the movie along with Princess Peach’s look surfaced. The title of the movie sounded quite mainstream to the fans because they were expecting something innovative in terms of naming the movie.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” sounds almost the same as its featured game. Fans speculate that the team ran out of potential titles for their movie. Not only did the title disappoint fans, but the selection of Chris Pratt for Mario’s voice also resulted in the creation of hilarious memes on different social media platforms. 

Leak Features Princess’ First Look

Following the previous leak of Mario’s look in the Mario movie by an Australian Mcdonald’s employee, we at TopTierList spotted a leak by @StarDumbJam. This time, it is Princess Peach’s looks that got the attention of moviegoers, making them go crazy.

Mario fans have mixed feelings about the animated version of Peach in the movie. Compared with what she looked like in video games, Peach has slightly thin features and a more appropriate skull shape in the movie. Though Mario has quite a cartoonish look in the movie, Peach has been given humanly looks by the animators.

To some, Mario’s first look seemed a bit off because of slight changes to his proportion but the overall look turned out great. The more you focus on the characters in the movie posters, the more you feel connected to them.

Final Comments

Though fans might be a little unsure whether Chris Pratt’s voice will do justice to Mario’s but the movie is definitely going to be loved around the globe.

If you have any suggestions to give or have managed to squeeze the latest information about the upcoming film, feel free to share with us by commenting below.