Details of 10 Cancelled AAA Games Leaked

We have had many incomplete game projects, and it’s upsetting when the game packs a lot of potentials. We have a list of 10 canceled games you probably did not know existed. Some of them will shock you!

Cyberpunk Game from Riot

Canceled Game
Concept-Image Cyberpunk Game.

It sounds impossible, for Riot, the developer of League of Legends and Valorant, to make a Cyberpunk game. They were indeed working on a now-canceled title that was supposed to be set in a Cyberpunk world. Although many details are still unknown, the artist Flavio Hoffe has repeatedly joked about the game. He hinted at who the developer of this game was.

How do you think Riot would have done on this sort of project? You might get an idea from the following concept images.

Riot Games
Cyberpunk Game by Riot Image #1.
Cyberpunk Game by Riot Image #2.

Jurassic Park-Themed Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead Canceled Game
Concept-Image of Jurassic Park-Themed Left 4 Dead.

We all love Left 4 Dead, it is a fantastic game, but what if it had dinosaurs? The next game was either proposed to or by VirtualKeys, a french studio now defunct. They were to make several VR game projects on Jurassic Park. One of them was the idea of implementing the successful formula of Left 4 Dead into Jurassic Park.

Although it is not clear how deep into production this was, whether it was even in that stage, it is still interesting to think about what we almost got.

AAA-Game Involving Giants

giants game concept
Concept Art of the Canceled Giants Game.

William Bao, who has worked at notable companies like Respawn Entertainment, id Software, Activision, Treyarch, and Riot Games, provided these illustrations. For a person like him to call a game triple-A, it must be a crazy project. We can only wonder why it never saw the light of the day. The concept arts look insane as well and show great potential.

giants game
Concept Art #1 of Canceled Giants Game.
concept art giants
Concept Art #2 of Canceled Giants Game.
canceled giants project
Concept Art #3 of Canceled Giants Game.

Project Zero Hour

project zero hour starbreeze
Concept-Image of the Canceled Starbreeze Game.

A canceled game with a temporary title, “Project Zero Hour”, was being developed by Starbreeze. The information was given by Bradley Wright, who also gave quite some interesting concept images. According to the little data we managed to get, the game would have been an action-adventure.

The studio has made The Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness, Syndicate, and Payday 2, so this would have been interesting as well. Check the concept images to see how it would have turned out!

canceled project zero hour
Concept Arts of Project Zero Hour.

Crocs Game

Crocs Canceled Game
Image of Croc.

In this list of some unfamiliar titles, we have Croc, one character we all might be familiar with. He has been in many games by Argonaut Games. Although the franchise has been dead for a while, a remake or new game was in the making. Somebody tried to buy the rights to make that happen, but the deal was never done. As such, it will also remain in the ocean of unborn games.

Canceled Ubisoft Game

Concept art ubisoft
Concept Image from Canceled Ubisoft Game.

Ubisoft has a history of doing this, especially after that announcement they made regarding the development of four of their titles being canceled.

Luckily, we got information on another title, thanks to Bradley Kachel, a character design artist. The title of this game is still unknown, but we know it was for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The plot revolved around the CEO of a company and an expert computer technician. You can see these characters’ designs in the concept art provided by Bradley Kachel.

ubisoft canceled
Concept Art #1 from Canceled Ubisoft Game.
ubisoft game canceled
Concept Art #2 from Canceled Ubisoft Game.
canceled game ubisoft
Concept Art #3 from Canceled Ubisoft Game.

An Action Game by Nexon

nexon canceled
Concept Image of Canceled Nexon Game.

This South Korean video game publisher tried its hand at making an action game. They usually make more online multiplayer and free-to-play games, but this was their move at attracting the Western audience. They opened a studio in California and hired some great developers for this project.

Rumor is that most of these were “stolen” from other big studios, like Naughty Dogs and Blizzard. Nonetheless, they made a great effort for this game, but unfortunately, since it’s on this list, you know how it ended. Still, the concept images below are really cool!

nexon game canceled
Concept Art #1 of Canceled Nexon Game.
game canceled
Concept Art #2 of Canceled Nexon Game.
canceled game
Concept Art #3 of Canceled Nexon Game.

Obscure 3

Obscure 2
Concept-Image of Obscure 3.

An installment in one of the beloved classic survival horror games? I’m already sold. The game could have been enormous. However, due to the game not being very profitable, Hydravision started work on the “Final Exam,” but things still didn’t turn out well. Ultimately, the project was canceled, and it will forever be so.

The concept images below look very promising; sadly, we didn’t get to play them.

Concept Art #1 of Obscure 3.
obscure 3
Concept Art #1 of Obscure 3.
obscure 3 canceled
Concept Art #1 of Obscure 3.

Massively-Multiplayer Game by Disney


disney games 2022
Concept Image from Canceled Disney Game.

That’s right, Disney had plans of making a massively-multiplayer game for the younger demographic. The game was in development for at least a year, 2011-2012. The game would have been a significant release. But here comes the mystery, not even some of the people involved got to know why it was canceled.

Craig Voigt, an artist, working on the game, showed us some fantastic concept images, which you should definitely check out.

disney canceled game
Concept-Image #1 from Canceled Disney Game.
canceled disney project
Concept-Image #2 from Canceled Disney Game

A Beast Control Game by Square Enix

Beast control
Not an Official concept art.

One of the more exciting games in this list comes from none other than Square Enix. Alwyn Talbot had an unannounced game with Square Enix on his resume. The concept images from that portfolio were quite interesting. Although much is still left to the imagination, the game would have been unique and unforgettable.

Unfortunately, those images are unavailable as Alwyn was probably asked to remove them, so we are sorry not to give them to you. That concludes the list of 10 games that were unfortunately canceled. What game did you find the most interesting and why? Let us know down below!

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