Gameplay of New Halo Infinite Forge Map Leaked

If you think of some of the most infamous games of this time, one would say Halo Infinite is up there. The game saw vast success, but it was also declining rapidly as more and more people saw the issues. Don’t get us wrong, the game has everything to make the perfect thing, but it just didn’t do that.

Although it is now in bad shape, there is still some hope with Halo Infinite Forge. The game is still developing; according to rumors, the beta might come as early as September. Nevertheless, there is much to look forward to, as 343 will add so much to the game. One of which is a new map, the gameplay of which has been leaked. Let’s check it out!

The map is still an early version, so some changes are expected in the final version. The name of the map seems to be “Solitude.” If you did not know, Mr_Rebs_ is one of the prominent leakers in the Halo community. He previously leaked content on the upcoming Armament BlasterBrute SpikerBandit Rifle, and Machine Guns.

The map should be out in Season 3 when Forge drops. All the things in the video can be edited so that you can change it to a UNSC, Forerunner, or Banished Map. Forge council members and 343 Industries made these.

Other than that, all we can say is that finally, something promising is coming out from Halo Infinite. The game’s future looked grim as it failed miserably after a while. However, with the addition of content like this, and hopefully Forge doing it some justice, the game will be worthy of the Halo title.

If you did not know, the game follows the story of “Master Chief,” a super-soldier fighting the “Banished” on Zeta Halo, a ringworld. Halo Infinite is the 6th installment in the franchise and the 3rd in “Reclaimer Saga.” It was developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios.

The game could have seen a different outcome if some of the cut content had made it into the game. But, if done wrong, it could have upset the community even more.

The only question remaining now is whether this game will be able to reclaim the fanbase after being such a disappointment. Only time will tell, until then, let us know your thoughts on how the game can be improved in some other ways, and we will discuss it with you below!

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