Halo Infinite’s “Machine Gun” and “The Answer” Weapons Prototypes Leaked

Halo Infinite is the 6th installment in the Halo franchise and 3rd in Reclaimer Saga. It needs no introduction, as almost every gamer has seen the gameplay. It is an FPS game developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios.

The story follows Master Chief, the super-soldier fighting the enemy group “Banished” in the ringworld Zeta Halo AKA Installation 07. The multiplayer portion of this game is free-to-play, unlike the ones that came before it.

Halo Infinite has been one of the more infamous games lately, and although it had a lot of potentials, it is suffering from criticism. Regardless, it is one of the most popular games in the Halo franchise, and as such, we all have very high expectations from the game.

Especially now that the new season is around the corner, we can expect to see a lot of information being data-mined, or leaked through other sources. Lucky for you, we are here with more prototype leaks, and we all know how exciting that can be.

These weapons are the Machine Gun, and The Answer (SAW), both of which were found in the game files. The Machine Gun has no animation unlike other weapons and The Answer also seems to be here finally.

There were doubts regarding The Answer as it was supposed to be out before, but 343 Industries used the prototype of Commando Machine Gun instead. However, we can now hope that they were saving this prototype for later release, and it’s coming soon.

We have seen the recent prototype in the game, including Armament Blaster, Brute Spiker, and the Bandit Rifle. All of which seems amazing and are finally giving some good hope for the new season of Halo Infinite.

Along with the hopes of seeing some classic maps in the game, and great gameplay of the game, we can imagine the direction that the game might take, and it has some potential to be great again. On the other hand, it should be noted that these are the prototypes, so any changes can be made.

One big change we can expect is the animation that the Machine Gun will have, or just like in the past, 343 Industries might decide to go with different prototypes and scratch some of these ideas again.

Regardless, all we can do is wait for the new season to drop, so until then, if you have any questions, do let us know below and we will get back to you!