Halo Infinite Leaked Audio of a New Weapon

Halo Infinite is one of the games that needs no introduction. The name speaks for itself; it has held a special place in fans’ hearts over the years, And one of the main reasons Halo Games have stayed relevant is the constant creation of new and varied content.

At this point, Infinite is at the end of its second season, known as Lone Wolves. And while Season 2 of the multiplayer shooter hasn’t been without its flaws, it looks like it’s about time we learn more about the game’s future.

343 Industries has already confirmed that Halo Infinite Forge Mode is on its way. If that wasn’t enough for you, leaked audio of upcoming voice lines for the Iratus personal AI revealing a new weapon emerged online.

The new weapon is called Bandit Rifle and has been added to the scripts of the apparent battle royale mode called Tatanka. Notice how it says “M392 Bandit,” The DMR is named the M392 DMR; exciting, right.

The DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) was spotted in the Academy game mode by @HaloDotAPI; This area was shortly accessible by going into the academy game mode while offline.

Bandit Rifle
Halo Infinite DMR












Halo Infinite  Season 3 is expected sometime in 2022. Given Season 2 startedit’sMay, it’s likely Season 3 will kick off in late summer – possibly around August. Little is known about the new weapon, but it has sparked hope in fans, and we will surely see some old players returning to the game after the update goes live.

Fans believe co-op would have been fun when the game first came, and the game’s chance to shine has set sail. But we never know; a battle royale and a couple of new weapons might be really what this game needs.

Let us know what you think about this new weapon in the comment section below! And we will keep you updated.