Halo Infinite Armament Blaster Prototype Leaked

Halo Infinite is one of the games that needs no introduction. The name speaks for itself; it has held a special place in fans’ hearts over the years, And one of the main reasons Halo Games have stayed relevant is the constant creation of new and varied content.

Halo Infinite is the 6th installment in the Halo series. It has always been one of the favorites in the Halo franchise, and fans expect the same in season 3, which we cannot blame them for. The game was initially supposed to launch in November 2020 but got delayed and released the following year.

Halo Infinite season 3 is right around the corner. While many rumors are circulating online, and we have heard about various new weapons returning, we now have a full-on first look at the prototype design for Armament Blaster, which will be coming in Halo Infinite.

These concept arts were confirmed by Josh Kao, the person who made these for 343 Industries. This reminds us of the forerunners weapons used in Halo Legends, and we will be seeing this in the season 3 update, which will kick off in late summer – possibly around August.

Josh Kao confirmed that these would be used in Halo Infinite, ensuring the previous prototypes we saw in the game files. We can expect minor changes, as they can take this design as a prototype and make changes before its release in the game.

Moreover, we have heard rumors of how 343 Industries might add the classic maps in Halo Infinite due to how much the player-base loves them, and it looks like halo is bringing back traditional things to their most loved Halo game, which is a good sign.

Aside from that, we previously posted Halo Infinite Forge’s leaked gameplay. From that, you can imagine how the weapon will look either way. This has sparked hope in fans; we will surely see some old players returning to the game after the update goes live.

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