YouTube Video Unveils Deleted Tweets Hinting at Shenmue 4

110 Industries is doing it's best to cover the tracks.

Shenmue is an action-adventure video game series by Yu Suzuki. The first two games came in 1999 and 2001 and were developed by Sega AM2. Ys Net, Suzuki’s company, developed Shenmue III. It was released for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019, and since then, fans have been waiting for potential news on Shenmue IV.

Surprisingly, several rumours have popped up regarding 110 Industries’ involvement in Shenmue IV, but none have been convincing. If you don’t know, 110 Industries is a relatively new publisher, and their first game, Wanted: Dead, will be released in a month.

Surprisingly, 110 Industries tweeted several times, hinting toward Shenmue IV, but deleted some shortly after. YouTube channel Shenmue Dojo managed to get its hands on these tweets and explained why the game is a high possibility. 

Major Points

  • 110 Industries made several tweets teasing their involvement in Shenmue IV.
  • Those tweets were deleted shortly after, but people still managed to screenshot them on time.
  • 110 Industries now continues to make no comments on the matter.

The Shenmue community has grown quite a bit after the third instalment. The first two games were a major flop and caused massive losses for Sega. There were even attempts at remaking the first two games, but after realizing the risk, the idea turned to remasters. Therefore, even though the most recent title succeeded, Shenmue IV is a bit risky as the game can go either way.

Despite that, fans have not stopped wishing for Shenmue IV, so they made sure the tweets were saved before they got deleted. In one of the tweets, we can see 110 Industries respond to a fan’s excitement with a comment that is perhaps the biggest evidence of their involvement. 

Shenmue IV 110 Industries
110 Industries’ Tweet Teasing Shenmue IV.

For those unaware, 110 Industries interviewed Yu Suzuki a few months ago, and in the tweet, they hinted that one of the reasons for their collaboration was Shenmue IV. Later on, some notable sites wrote about the hint by 110 Industries, and when Shenmue Dojo tagged them in their tweet to comment on such articles, they simply replied with “No comment.”

However, the studio and its president later followed Shenmue Dojo, teasing the fans further. After some time, they tweeted a picture of an apple and a banana, which may seem nothing at first, but Shenmue fans caught it quickly as it is the breakfast every day at one of the characters’ houses.

There is no other sense for these fruits to be there, but the person who uploaded it later said in a discord chat that he simply likes fruits, which still doesn’t make sense. In addition, the big announcement was never actually made. Their current project, Wanted: Dead, was already announced at that point, and the interviews were uploaded after the tweet.

The timeline seems very suspicious, and it is possible that due to the studio’s inexperience, the social media manager of their account got out of hand and teased all the details. But after their meeting or interview with Yu Suzuki, they decided to cover their tracks by deleting some things and made no further comments on their sudden teases.

Those are just the major details we thought were worth sharing. The video goes into further details, which you can check out if you are interested. As for Shenmue IV, do you think 110 Industries is really working on the game? If so, when do you think they will be ready to announce it? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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