2TB SSDs For Steam Deck Listed on Framework

Upgrade your experience with the 2TB SSD for the steam deck from Framework

Framework is a company that fixes consumer electronics but also has a marketplace where they sell products. Recently, they have listed a 2TB SSD for the steam deck. The first batch of the product is available in the USA and Canada, and they are looking at stocking it in Europe and Australia. You can place the order for this SSD here.

Laptops use the 2280-sized M.2 SSDs, but the steam deck, a much smaller product, needs a special SSD in the 2230 format. Thus it is not easy to find these SSDs as they are not widely used, and secondly is very rare to see them. These SSDs can also be used in a surface book.

The Story in a Nutshell

  • Framework is offering 2TB SSDs for Steam Deck in the Framework Marketplace.
  • The SSD they offer is a Western Digital SN740 NVMe – M.2 2230 and is in the 2230 format, which is rare.
  • Upgrading to the 2TB SSD will improve the storage and speed of the Steam Deck, especially for those with the 64GB eMMC version.
  • Using the 2230 m.2 SSD from Framework will not void the warranty of the Steam Deck.

The SSD they are offering to sell is a Western Digital SN740 NVMe – M.2 2230. It is certainly not cheap and will cost you a whopping $299, but the company is well-trusted and has been working on the modulation of laptops for quite some time now. Now they are leaping. Providing accessories for Steam Deck is a breath of fresh air. The battery life needs to be tested if you do this upgrade, but overall, it has many benefits, like;

If you have the 64GB eMMC version of the steam deck, then this upgrade will be a big upgrade for you, not only storage-wise but the speed of your device will be increased. In the native drive, the steam deck saves a lot of important files, and this upgrade will surely help you. Even if you have the 256GB and 512GB versions even then, the promotion will be significant.

framework's listing
Framework’s Listing

These were some benefits, but the Valve employees have consistently preached not to replace the SSD to preserve the deck’s lifespan. So a safer option would be to go for a MicroSD card. According to a Tweet from a Valve employee by the name of Lawrence Yang, the charger IC will get hot as the thermal pads may be moved. Most 2232 m.2 SSDs drive more power, and the Deck will get hotter. But with the SSD from Techframe, you will probably be okay as they are not the 2242 m.2 drives that Lawrence Yang warned you against.

Despite this offering from Framework and the rumors that if you replace your SSDs, it will void the warranty. It is not the case, and if you use the 2230 m.2 SSD, then there is no issue of voiding your deck’s warranty.

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