Hogwarts Legacy Went Out of Stock in Japan Amidst Huge Sales

It ranks among the best sellers on Amazon Japan, and even Yodobashi, a major Japanese retail chain, ran out of copies.

Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t even been out for a week, and the game is already setting records. From ranking Top Seller on Steam and making itself the 2nd biggest single-player game in history, it now dominates in the Japanese market. Our team at TopTierList has found the game ranking among the best sellers on Amazon Japan.

In addition, Yodobashi, a massive Japanese retail chain, ran out of game copies pretty fast. It goes to show the increasing demand for the game, and that’s only part of the sensation it has created there. We also found a tweet showing the Japanese segments dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy.

 We recently witnessed the game making huge numbers on the first day of early access and can see how the game is climbing to become the number 1 most-played game on Steam. Despite the controversy we saw before its release, the game seems to be doing even better than we all expected.

Major Points

  • Hogwarts Legacy is among the best sellers on Amazon Japan.
  • One of the biggest Japanese retail chains already ran out of game copies, showing the huge demand.
  • The game has done so well that entire segments are airing in Japan dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy continues to set records for itself and has become a sensation in the gaming world. One of the only things we can compare it to is the huge trend that Elden Ring started. Hence this magical game has already made itself one of the top contenders to become the Game of the Year in 2023.

Though there is a long time before that, Hogwarts Legacy has already given us more than enough reasons to think that way. One of Japan’s biggest retail chains recently ran out of copies of Hogwarts Legacy, and it rarely happens there. It shows how big the game has become there.

Hogwarts Legacy Game
Hogwarts Legacy on Yodobashi.

It’s not just them though; the game ranks among the best sellers on Amazon Japan, ranking a little below Tears of the Kingdom, which is not a surprise. If it managed to beat that, then this would truly be the biggest achievement Hogwarts Legacy can hope to achieve.

Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition
Hogwarts Legacy on Amazon Japan.

Additionally, the platforms this game was released on, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, have also seen a boost in sales. It is not a big surprise as we have seen PlayStation exclusives, like God of War Ragnarok, boosting the sales of PlayStation 5. 

The Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Controller was sold within hours of launch. The people who sniped it early on are selling it for twice its price on eBay, but it goes to show the game’s popularity. Though it is a bit of a fiasco on that side, there are hopes to see more stocks of the controller, so you can get yours if you haven’t already.

Moreover, the game has also taken over some of the Japanese segments. As can be seen in Oliver Jia’s tweet, the game has entire Japanese segments dedicated to it. Upon being asked how big the game is in Japan, Oliver replied, “Huge. Probably as big if not bigger than the U.S. and UK. Long history of magic in anime and manga over here, so it’s not that surprising.

Perhaps that is one of the many reasons for its success over there. We can keep on talking about it, but let’s leave it at that. What are your thoughts on the game’s success in Japan? Do you think the game will continue to be big like its competitive titles? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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