Several Insiders Suggest Starfield’s June Release is Likely

Starfield is now in a complete playable state, but a specific release date is not confirmed.

Starfield is one of the most highly anticipated titles. The game was supposed to release a while ago, but the date has been pushed back thanks to several delays. While we don’t know when exactly it will release, several insiders have received information that suggests it is most likely sometime during June.

Some of the most credible sources backing this claim include Jez Corden and Jeremy Penter. According to them, the release date is anyone’s guess, but the game is in a playable state from start to finish, and based on the information they have received from their sources, June seems to be their bet.

Based on previous leaks, we already know that Starfield was not in good shape a month ago. So the delay is understandable and not something anyone complains about. In addition, Starfield‘s official support page also mentioned the first half of 2023 as the release time, but such information is tentative until officially announced.

Major Points

  • Several insiders have information that suggests Starfield will be released in June.
  • They also admit that it can be delayed or even released early since the release date is not official yet.
  • In addition, the game is now in a playable state from start to finish.

Starfield has seen many ups and downs, from slowed production during the pandemic to delays due to the bad state of the game. However, this might finally be the year we see the game, and several insiders have narrowed the date even further.

In his recent The Xbox Two Podcast episode, Jez Corden talked about several things. During the podcast, a person asked about Starfield‘s release date, and Jez replied, “Yeah, I often see this. A lot of people think that the Starfield launch date might be tied to International Space Day. I am of the opinion that Starfield is going to be released in June. That’s my prediction, even though I have a bet that it will be delayed beyond June. The latest information I have suggests a June release.

He also recently talked about the release date briefly in his article via Windows Central. According to him, the release date is not set in stone. However, he has some information from his sources and based on that, the game is in a playable state from start to finish.

Combined with his own knowledge, he suggested the June release is the most likely case right now, even though it seems unlikely to many. We say it is unlikely because we previously had similar rumors due to the Starfield support page. It mentioned that the game would be released in the first half of 2023, and June was the likely case back then.

However, some insiders revealed the game was not in a “playable state,” so even Xbox likely has no specific date of when they might release it. So the rumors were dispelled, but now that the game has reached a playable state, Jez and Jeremy’s sources have brought them the updates, and they believe June is back on the table.

It should be clarified that this is not a confirmed leak, even from the insiders, and is based on the latest news they have received. There is a possibility of it being delayed or even released early, which is something everyone would love.

There have been many speculations around the release date, but considering that several credible insiders backed this up, we believed it was at least worth sharing. Not to mention, the news of Starfield finally reaching a playable state is great for us. Until now, many were worried by previous rumors that Bethesda would yet again delay the game if it doesn’t reach that state, but that may not be the case anymore.

Microsoft already had a developer_direct around two weeks ago and assured the fans that Starfield showcase is on its way, and since it is going to be a massive game, it is only right to give it a dedicated showcase. Once the announcement of that Direct has been made, we can be relieved since that is most likely when they will give a release date.

That is all for now! Do you think Starfield will be released in June? If not, what is the most likely release window for the game? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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