PSVR2 Review Units Sent Out, Insiders Hint at Many Surprises

Several insiders have pointed out that there is going to be an unexpected surprise in PSVR2 line-up.

PlayStation VR2 is now closer than ever, and people have every right to be excited about it after Sony itself reported in their official FAQ that over 100 titles are currently in development for the PSVR2. Our team at TopTierList has found other exciting things, as there have been tweets revealing PSVR2 review units have been sent out.

In addition, YouTube channel PSVR2 Without Parole mentioned in a recent live stream that they have seen several emails for PSVR2 games with review keys. According to them, there are some surprises, and we should continue seeing more over the next few weeks.

Due to the embargo, they couldn’t disclose too much information, but they assured us that the reveal for PSVR2 is certainly not done yet. He also mentioned that there being over a thousand games for PSVR2 would still be an accurate statement, though we are unsure what exactly he meant by that.

Major Points

  • PSVR 2 review units have been sent out.
  • The embargo lifts on 15th February, and tons of surprises will come over the next few weeks.
  • PSVR2 has not revealed everything up their sleeves, as insiders report that there have been emails rolling in for PSVR2 games, and even they got surprised with some of them.

It has been a while since Sony announced PSVR2, and since then, several games have also been revealed in the initial line-up for the VR. Even though it hasn’t been released yet, Sony has reported over 100 hundred games are in development for PSVR2. 

Since we are already expecting some showcases, Sony is also rumored to have a State of Play in March, according to Jeff Grubb. We won’t get too much into details for that, but if the State of Play is scheduled for next month, we can hope to see more of their PSVR2 games line-up.

We expect it to happen soon since PSVR2 review units have already been sent out. Senior Staff Writer John Linneman at DigitalFoundry tweeted a picture of a PSVR2 review unit. He said that he is currently busy with the gadget and working on multiple videos, so he would not be able to make any content on Metroid or anything else.

The embargo will lift on 15th February, and then we can expect to hear more regarding this. So far, we know from Bryan Paul and Wes Dillon from PSVR2 Without Parole that emails have already been sent out regarding PSVR2 games with review keys. 

In their most recent live stream, Bryan stated, “emails have been rolling in for PSVR2 games with review keys constantly, and there have been some surprises in there, and I think we will continue to see some surprises over the course of next couple of weeks.

The next few weeks align with what Jeff Grubb said in his podcast. So there might be more PSVR2 content in the upcoming State of Play. Bryan also said, “whether they will be launch games, launch window games, or soon-after-launch games, the reveal for PSVR2 is not done yet.

Wes Dillon continued by saying, “one of the ones we were talking about earlier today, I wasn’t expecting that at all for reasons I won’t get into as I don’t want to give it away. But we have had some surprises lately since there are over a hundred games in development.

Due to the embargo, they couldn’t share the specifics, but we can read between the lines, and if this is true, there might be more than just ports or upgrades in the PSVR2 line-up. So far, these are the currently revealed titles for PSVR2.

  • Puzzling Places (, free upgrade)
  • Song in the Smoke (17 Bit)
  • Synth Riders (Kluge Interactive, free upgrade)
  • Rez Infinite (Enhance)
  • Moss 1 & 2 Remaster (Polyarc)
  • Before Your Eyes (Skybound Interactive, launch window)
  • Pistol Whip (Cloudhead, free upgrade)
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Ch. 2: Retribution (Skydance, launch window)
  • Cosmonious High (Owlchemy)
  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback (Supermassive, launch window)
  • Jurassic World Aftermath (Coatsink)
  • Cities VR (Fast Travel Games)
  • Demeo (Resolution Games)
  • Thumper (Drool LLC)
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain (Firesprite, Guerrilla)
  • Pavlov VR (Vankrupt)
  • Tentacle (Return)
  • Kayak VR: Mirage (Better Than Life)
  • What the Bat (Triband)
  • STAR WARS: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge (ILMxLab)
  • The Tale of Onogoro (Amata K.K)
  • Vacation Simulator (Owlchemy)
  • Gran Turismo 7 (via a free update to the PS5 version of GT7)
  • The Last Clockwinder (Pontoco/Cyan Worlds)
  • No Man’s Sky (Hello Games, launch window)
  • Garden of the Sea (Neat Corporation)
  • Job Simulator (Owlchemy)
  • Altair Breaker (Thirdverse)
  • Fantavision 202X (Cosmo Machia, Inc.)
  • Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate (MyDearest Inc., Perp Games)
  • After the Fall (Vertigo Games)
  • Resident Evil Village (Capcom, via a free update to the PS5 version of RE Village)
  • Tetris Effect: Connected (Enhance)
  • Creed Rise to Glory: Championship Edition (Survios, launch window)
  • Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! (Gemdrops, Inc.)
  • The Light Brigade (Funktronic Labs, purchase includes PS VR and PS VR2 versions)
  • NFL Pro Era (StatusPro, Inc., free PS VR2 upgrade)
  • Zenith: The Last City (Ramen VR, free upgrade)

Most of these are ports and upgrades, and only a handful of games have been developed for PSVR2 specifically. Considering the reporters were surprised to see the games in those emails, we can hope there is more to the line-up than we think.

That is all for now! What other games do you think will be in the PSVR2 line-up? And do you believe the PSVR2 library will be much bigger by the end of this year? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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