Disney Illusion Island Physical Release Leaked

Disney's Upcoming Adventure Game Set to Hit Retail Shelves

Nintendo had previously announced that the Disney Illusion Island would arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 28th. The game had no release date nor an indication of it dropping physically, but our eyes at TopTierList caught two listings. One on the GameStop Canada and another on Gamefly.

The release date is not mentioned, but this art box has kept us wondering. Both the listings show Nintendo as the publisher of the game. There is no publisher logo at the bottom of the box. Usually, the studio involved in the game’s development has its logo. For example, Octopath 1’s retail box had the logo of Square Enix. 

disney interactive
The Box Art of the Retail Copy

In a Nutshell

  • Disney Illusion Island is a Nintendo Switch game with a digital release date of July 28th.
  • The game’s physical release has been leaked through listings on GameStop Canada and Gamefly.
  • The game’s physical publisher is listed as Nintendo, but digitally it is published by Disney Interactive.
  • The game features Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Minnie on a quest to find three magical books to save the illusion island. The gameplay is similar to Rayman Legends.

This has raised many questions because, from the eshop where the game is listed, we can see that the game’s publisher is Disney Interactive. This might mean that the game is physically distributed under Disney’s name while it is published digitally by Disney Interactive, which barely exists.

In the game, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donal Duck, and Minnie embark on a journey to find three magical books to save the illusion island. The books are called Tomes, and they protect the island. 

The gameplay is very similar to Rayman Legends and looks very charming. The characters in the game and the attention to detail in the environment have us at TopTierList pretty excited. The game was leaked on 4chan last year, and the concept art from that thread can be found here. A modern take with cool retro Disney sounds, let’s see what the game has in store for us.

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