Krafton Might Be Developing a Game Like Escape From Tarkov

The extraction shooter is named Project Black Budget but there are other games in the pipeline as well.

In the latest earning report of Krafton, our team at TopTierList found an interesting thing. The studio has hinted at making a game similar to the popular extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov. The project is spearheaded by the development team of PUBG, codenamed Project Black Budget.

Previously in the November of 2022, Krafton had hinted towards the development of Project Black Budget, but at that time, they dubbed it as a work in progress of a new PvPvE looter shooter. In this latest report, they have shed more light on the project and confirmed that they want to target the extraction shooter genre, and thus, we can safely say that they might be following in the footsteps of Escape from Tarkov.

Key Points from the News

  1. Krafton is developing a new extraction shooter game, Project Black Budget, under PUBG Studios.
  2. The game is expected to be released between 2024 and 2025, but no official release date exists.
  3. Krafton also has other games in the pipeline, including a sequel to Subnautica, a western action-adventure sandbox game called Project GoldRush, and a South Korean fantasy game inspired by the web novel “The Bird That Drinks Tears” called Project Windless.


krafton pipeline earning report
Krafton’s Pipeline – Image Fetched from the presentation of their Q4 Earning Report

Our finding in the report was further confirmed by “,” who reached Krafton and asked them about this finding. The team at Krafton had to say this:

“We can confirm that an extraction shooter under the title of Project Black Budget is currently in development at PUBG Studios.”

We are not sure if this game will be released on all platforms as it is still unclear, and Krafton has not decided yet, but from the report, one can easily conclude that it will be launched between 2024 and 2025. The release date and speculations regarding what the game is all about our exciting, yet it points towards a release date that will surely take two years because much detail has not been given to the public yet.

Besides this, Krafton has other games in the pipeline as well. On page 9th of their presentation of the Q4 earning report, we see 3 other games:

  1. The Next Subnautica
  2. Project GoldRush
  3. Project Windless

The next Subnautica is the sequel to the popular Subnautica game, and the release date nor other details about it are given except for their promise to include more creatures, a better experience, and a bigger map.

Project GoldRush, according to the report, is a take on the western action-adventure sandbox genre where progression is the key, and the reward system is linked to that. It has elements of a PvPvE sandbox; you can play it solo or with friends. The promised a novel experience, and it is an online game.

Project Windless is a game inspired by the South Korean fantasy web novel The Bird That Drinks Tears. The report shows that they are developing it for consoles and are finalizing the concept there, but it doesn’t mean the game will not come on other platforms. Patrik Methe, Iain McCaig, and Gwagjae Son are some of the biggest names working on this project. They had previously worked on games like Far Cry, Avengers, and Star Wars.

krafton pipeline detailed
The Games in Krafton’s Pipeline

The codename, in some cases, has relevance to the game, and in other cases, it is completely random. From this name, a conclusion will be like firing blind shots, so we will not do that. But since Krafton has recently ditched the plans to make a sequel for PUBG, and now this news is coming in, we surely got a little excited.

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