AFC Richmond in Fifa 23 According To A Leak


FIFA, a football-centric series first released in 1993, made its mark right from the get-go, exceeding the expectations of millions worldwide and ending up being one of the most successful franchises in the history of gaming. Since its release, the game has seen an influx of players yearly. Much of that is due to the multiplayer accessibility and seamless split-screen mode that it offers.

Fifa logo showcase
Fifa Franchise

As with nearly every release in the Fifa series, the year’s anticipation for Fifa 23 is high. With increments being made with recent releases in a bid to differentiate titles from one another in more aspects to one, fans are hopeful that the latest addition to the installment will bring fresh characteristics to the table.

Shock Inclusion Of A Team

Aside from the regular news leading up to the game’s releases, a new, unorthodox team could be on the cards by. This leak spotted by TopTierList, thanks to Reddit user LikelyTarnished18, details the possibility of having AFC Richmond on the roster for Fifa 23. A team of sorts would be the first of its kind and is a welcome addition to a game striving to add variety to an otherwise very monotonous DNA.

Origins Of The Club

To get readers up to speed regarding AFC Richmond, the fictional club derives its route from the Ted Lasso sports series, with the team symbolizing a group of budding young players plagued by internal management issues and a lack of proper utilization of their skillset. The series gained a very positive response from the public; the decision to include them in the game makes it seem like a smart strategic move.

AFC Richmond leak proof
AFC Richmond in the roster

Even more convincing is that this image made rounds on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, quickly pulled down by EA. Hence, the likelihood of the team’s inclusion is extremely high. The news has left fans delighted. Many welcome the variety such a team brings, with even more hopes that the team’s use would be permitted in online matchmaking. The decision may also be seen as a way to lure back old players who demanded a shift in the game’s direction.

What Does All This Mean?

The decision seems like the right one. The studio has to bring an array of changes that set each game apart. Tapping into the field of bringing fictional teams could prove fruitful for the most part. What are your opinions? Do you think fictional teams have a place in Fifa? Is this a path that they should pursue greater?

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