Major Upcoming Content in Genshin Impact Leaked

Most gacha gamers have one thing in common; their love for Genshin Impact. But it’s also one of the most free-to-play friendly gacha games, a weird combination of words you won’t see put together. Gacha games have much of the content, resources, and meta-characters hidden behind microtransactions, but that’s not the case with Genshin Impact.

Sure, miHoYo has been called greedy on many occasions, but it’s pretty easy to get most of the things you want in the game. Ever since its release in 2020, it has seen nothing but vast success, and significant content updates come every month or so, making it a great and engaging game.

Since the game has many updates, content leaks occur frequently, and thanks to TopTierList, these leaks were caught from various credible sources, each having a good track as they participate in each patch’s Beta test servers. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Free Dori

‘Mora-hungry’ Dori is the most recent 4-star character, and while she may not be that strong, her attack animations make her one of the unique characters. Since this game is about getting your favorite characters, many have wished to get her.

Luckily, she is currently set to be the free 4-star character in 3.2, according to Ubatcha. Ubatcha has rarely been wrong about these things, making it very credible. But as he said, these can be changed at any time, as miHoYo has done in the past. They altered and swapped some anniversary rewards a year ago to prevent backlash.

The Gameplay of New Unique Mobs

Genshin rarely introduces a unique mob, i.e., they always make new mobs based on the model of their previous ones, but Sumeru brought us some of the remarkable hostile wild animals. With the new leaks posted by YouTuber ruri, it seems like they will continue to do similar concepts and make them even more unique.

First off, we have an anemo-mechanical bird. Sumeru might not look like it, but it is one of the most technologically-advanced regions we have yet. Some upcoming mobs will be mechanical, and we now have a gameplay of the mechanical animals.

Most of the bird’s attacks are similar to what other anemo enemies use, but it will pair great with the eremites who constantly do elemental reactions on you.

Next, we have the geo-mechanical crocodile. Despite its size, it is very agile and performs fast attacks. It will be another great enemy and might come to the Abyss floors along with anemo bird and some eremites. That combination of aerial and land attacks will surely be an annoying one.

This one is not a mechanical animal but looks like a simple NPC. We saw previously in a quest how Rana fought some mobs, and while she was slow, many players enjoyed watching an NPC fight. If miHoYo listened to the feedback, they might add more similar NPCs, which is a step in that direction.

They will likely only be involved in a quest or guards in bounties, but who knows, miHoYo might be testing this concept for further feedback. If it goes well, we will have more NPCs willing to engage in fights.

Scaramouche Weekly Boss Arena

We know Scaramouche will be the new weekly boss, and that time is now pretty close. Some people like Lumie managed to data mine the arena where we will fight him.

It is a big arena, and considering how Scaramouche/Wanderer will be anemo, it will be easy to dodge some of his AOE anemo attacks in the arena. There are some constructs on the edges, and according to our speculation, they might play some part in the fight, but there’s no evidence to prove that. Seeing how they stand out and aren’t symmetrical with the rest of the arena, they might have at least some role.

Kusanali Kit Crumbs and Story Spoilers

The lesser-lord kusanali is the dendro-archon, and seeing how each of the archons is still in most meta teams has set the bar high for her. Regardless, we don’t know what role she will have as a unit or her scaling, but we know that she will have a ‘move’ animation.

Nahida E Skill
Datamined Skill Info on BLANK Server.

The picture was acquired from BLANK‘s discord server. BLANK is a credible leaker who has an excellent track record of these. If you are unfamiliar with a Move animation, it is basically what Fischl in Oz mode, Yelan’s E, Mona’s, and Ayaka’s dash use. It is a skill animation that allows you to move freely.

This adds convenience to a character; for example, if Yae Miko had that in her E, she would be much less clunky. So, if Kusanali has that, it tells us what we can expect from her. She might roll like Sayu or have a dash similar to Ayaka, but in her E. There are many ways she can be unique, and at the moment, it is hard to determine how.

Speaking of Kusanali, there have also been significant leaks on her story, so if you don’t like spoilers, you can finish reading the news here.

Twitter user hxg_diluc is a notable leaker in the community and has a good track similar to others mentioned before. According to what is said in his tweet, Rukkhadevata is Kusanali, and although the circumstances of how that happened are not known, it makes sense. We had many cryptic dialogues in some quests, which can be linked to that theory.

Nonetheless, it will be adequately revealed in the upcoming archon quests, so stay tuned for those. Let us know your favorite leak, and we will discuss it with you below!

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